ten things this tuesday: Cleveland Garlic Festival 2011

Last year when I heard I had missed the first annual Cleveland Garlic Festival, I was pretty bummed. I’m not obsessed with garlic by any means, but it sounded like a cool, Cleveland event was taking roots. Thankfully for Clevelanders, the North Union Farmers Market organization kept the clove rolling and decided to repeat the fun this year.

This past weekend – September 10 and 11 – I enjoyed this year’s festival both as a vendor and as an attendee. And this being Tuesday, there’s only one way to recap my experience:


    1) BEING GREETED BY THE MONSTER GARLIC: As you drove up to the East side of Shaker Square, this is what welcomed you:


    Yup, there was NO question I was at the right place!

    2) MY HEADQUARTERS: It was a busy weekend as The Chubby Cook team set up shop on the North side of the square.


    We sold roasted garlic pulled chicken sandwiches, roasted garlic hummus, roasted garlic confit and deep fudge brownies (no garlic, but lots of love). With all those hours logged, it didn’t take me long to earn this:


    Social Media FTW!

    3) OUR NEIGHBORS ACROSS THE WAY: This is what tempted me all weekend long:


    The staffers at the Dewey’s Popcorn Shop tent were cool folks – and kept me well supplied with plenty of garlic popcorn samples.

    4) COOL ARTWORK AND PERFORMERS: Early on Saturday, these artists created this neat chalk drawings…


    You never knew what might coming down Shaker Blvd. Case in point:


    5) TRYING GARLIC ICE CREAM: Mitchell’s Ice Cream had a variety of flavors available, but of course the roasted garlic with pink peppercorn was the natural choice of the weekend.


    I have to admit, it was pretty good! It wasn’t “in your face” garlicky and the pink peppercorns added a fun crunch and spice. Such a unique ice cream experience!

    6) LUSTING OVER PICKLES: I’m SO mad at myself for forgetting to go back to the South side of the square for a jar of these bad boys:


    Guess I’ll just have to make a trip to fire food and drink… darn…

    7) GETTING A BIT SPICY: If you haven’t tried Blaze Gourmet’s salsa yet, I would highly encourage it.


    Their Raspberry Chipotle is my favorite! They also sell an array of spices and hot sauces. All so good.


    8. CATCHING UP WITH FRIENDLY FACES: On Saturday, the Food Network’s newest favorite food truck contestant Chris Hodgson from Hodge Podge swung by our tent to say hi. Chef Hodge was there to demo in the Chef Demo Tent, where he made garlic hummus – using The Chubby Cook’s roasted garlic confit!


    Many thanks again to Chris for bringing over that hummus sample after the demo!

    On Sunday, I found Todd (@TheEventsGuru) holding down the fort at Judy’s Oasis’ stand where they were featuring some great gourmet middle eastern food. Always great to see a familiar face, Todd and I chatted about the festival – the weather, the crowds, the products:


    …as well as chatting about other Cleveland events. Todd and the team at NEO Food Tours have got some crazy cool stuff planned for their September Gordon Square tour and their October Public Square tour.

    9) EATING MY WEIGHT IN SWEET CORN: Don’t tell my boss, but I think I spent the most time at the Middle Ridge Gardens tent buying several ears of some awesome Ohio sweet corn.


    They also sold some cups of wonderful tomato salad (on the right side of the pic) and crazy fresh wax beans.  I made such great friends with them that they brought me a bushel of corn and a bunch of flowers at the end of the weekend! Many many thanks to the kind folks there!

    10) SPENDING LOTS OF TIME WITH LOVED ONES: The Chubby Cook team rocked it out this weekend!


    That photo was taken on Sunday at 6:30PM – after one long, rainy weekend. But we had a great time and this tweet sums it all up:


    What’s your favorite way to eat or use garlic? If you attended this weekend, what was your favorite garlic dish?

    ten things this tuesday: PIP’s August CLE Event Round Up

    Oh August, why are you flying by so quickly?! It’s already the 9th, have been running around like a mad woman and STILL have a jammed-packed calendar to enjoy for the rest of this month.

    So what will I be up to in the next few weeks? I’m glad you asked…


    1. This Thursday, August 11th is the Ohio Blogging Association monthly meetup. We’re headed to the Indians game that evening. We’ll start at Wonder Bar on East 4th for a few pre-game drinks and ticket distribution, then head on over to Progressive Field to enjoy the bleachers. There’s still time to purchase tickets – leave a comment and I’ll get you purchasing info!

    2. Before heading down to Progressive Field, I’m getting my ice cream  fix in honor of Dairy Queen’s Miracle Treat Day. For every Blizzard® Treat sold this day at participating DQ locations, $1 or more will be donated to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. As CMN was the charity of choice for my sorority, I do my best to give back whenever I can – especially when it includes frozen treats. Check out the official website for more info.

    3. This weekend (August 12 through August 15) is the Feast of the Assumption. Hosted by the Parish of Holy Rosary in Cleveland’s “Little Italy” neighborhood, this will be the 113th commemoration of Mary being taken into Heaven. Mayfield Road will be closed down for thousands upon thousands of Clevelander’s to eat, drink, dance and celebrate Italian culture.


    (my pics from the 2009 and 2010 Feasts)

    4. On Sunday, August 14, Cleveland Yoga is hosting its 2nd annual Practice on the Preserve: A Celebration of Yoga and Conservation. Registration starts at 9AM and the 75 minute all-levels practice will begin at 10AM. Not only will I be getting my yoga on, but I’ll be representing with The Chubby Cook after the event as we’ll be sampling some of our tasty treats after the event! RSVP by clicking here to register.

    5. On Thursday, August 18, I’ll be joining Amanda from Clue Into Cleveland at PlayhouseSquare’s Young Professionals Night at the Cinema. Starting at 6PM with a networking happy hour, attendees will be the first to find out this year’s theme of PlayhouseSquare’s 2012 Jump Back Ball. Following the happy hour, guests can enjoy a showing of Jaws on the big screen. More info at PlayhouseSquare’s website, including instructions on how to RSVP.

    6. On Friday, August 19th, Emerging Chefs’ will hold their next foodie feast, ReHival.


    Chef Kimberly McCune, Owner/Chef of Vine & Dine, will lead guests through a “Farm to Table” meal featuring the debut McCune’s own ReHive Ale, a local brew crafted by Little Mountain Brewery in Mentor, Ohio. Visit the Eventbrite ticketing page for more information and to purchase tickets.

    7. I’m toying with adding another 5K race to this month’s running plan. Perhaps the OutRun Ovarian Cancer 5K on Saturday the 20th. Rumor has it all the cool kids are doing it…

    8. On Saturday, August 27th, I’ll have my chance to check out East 4th & Yoga first hand when The Chubby Cook will visit post-class to provide juice samples for all attendees. Going to get my downward dog and my green hydration on!


    This will take place at the Bang and Clatter Theatre Company space on Euclid Avenue (see above pic for a visual reference) starting at 10AM. Remember: the class is free and you get free valet parking!

    9. Also on Saturday, August 27th, get your public transportation on during the first official RTA Bar Crawl! Blog friend Joe from Mildly Relevant has created the RTA Bar Crawl concept, a drinking/public transportation event taking place to show people that getting around Cleveland without a car is easy and safe. Let the RTA be your DD! Full details on bar crawl locations on over at Facebook.

    10. Finally,  Crank-Set Rides is proud to present a ladies night bike ride on the last Wednesday of every month. The 2 Wheels & Heels Ladies Bike Night will take place on Wednesday, August 31st at 7PM starting from Reddstone. That evening schedule includes a tour of Gordon Square & downtown Cleveland, a visit to ABC Tavern and a lesson on how to change a flat tire! Visit the FB event page for details.

    Will I see you at any of these events? What events are you looking forward to during August?

    Full disclosure: I serve as the Cleveland chapter president of the Ohio Blogging Association, work for The Chubby Cook, and am an Emerging Chefs’ affiliate. As always, my thoughts and event selections for my social calendar are 100% my own.

    ten things this tuesday: my USAF Half Marathon training plan

    As I made the big announcement nearly three weeks ago, I think it’s time for me to fill in the PIP readership on my United States Air Force half-marathon training plan. And it is Tuesday after all…


    1. The training schedule. As originally planned for the Rite Aid Cleveland Half-Marathon, I went for a mash up of Jeff Galloway’s beginners plan (the same that I used for my first half-marathon) and Hal Higdon’s novice half-marathon plan.


    The major changes from both of those plans include one extra day of running during the week (Jeff only has two 30 minute runs with an “easy walk” day) and some tinkering with the long run mileage and placement in the schedule.

    2. The “40 min run” days: I have mapped out two 5K routes starting and ending at my house:

    • I start out by walking for the first five minutes, then go to the run/walk cycle as I’m feeling it that day. Early on I started out with a minute running, then a minute walking.
    • As I move through the plan, I’m adding to the run segments – especially taking advantage of long, downhill stretches.
    • Once I get back to my house, I walk to cool down for at least five minutes.

    3. The Sunday Long Runs: I noted in my last training plan post that the single most important run of each week is the long run. I used Hal’s mileage plan here, adding a few weeks in the beginning and a step back week the week before the race.

    4. The “yoga” days. After a break in May, I’m back on my yoga mat at Nishkama Yoga and am LOVING it. Maria was right in both of her guest posts – it’s amazing how well running and yoga go together!

    • The days labeled “yoga” are 90 minute vinyasa classes at the studio.
    • The days labeled “bike to yoga” are just that: we meet at a parking lot then bike along the Towpath in Valley View to a spot where we practice for about 75 minutes before biking back to our starting point.

    5. An update on the first three weeks so far: At our Father’s Day cookout at my grandpa’s house, my  my aunt said to me “you look STRONG”. After I thought about it, I agreed with her. I do feel stronger AND faster this time around. When running, I’m running faster. When walking, I’m recovering faster. It’s really encouraging and makes it easier to get up and get moving before 7AM.

    6. The races. To get back in racing mode, I’ve decided on participating in these three races:

    Since that July 9th race is the July Ohio Blogging Association Meet Up, I know I’ll see some of your smiling faces there! Let me know if you’ll be at any of these in the future!

    7. The rest. It’s amazing just how important the non-running days are compared to the running days! I tend to need a solid day of rest after a long run, so Mondays will be reserved for those. I’ll continue to honor my body and adjust those midweek runs as needed, but hopefully stick to that three times a week schedule.

    8. The travel. You’ll see that there wasn’t much running while we were away at the Chautauqua Institution. For our upcoming trip to California, I hope to stick to my general plan as much as possible – including fitting in that four miler before seeing Hall & Oates that Sunday night! And as the race is down in Dayton, I’m planning on revisiting Katie’s guest post about enjoying race weekend travel before heading down I-71 that Friday.

    9. The gear. Here’s what I am depending on to ensure a successful training:

    • My Garmin Forerunner 305. SO HAPPY I got this for Christmas last year! I’m not even using it to its full capacity and I’m so thankful to have it on my wrist every single run.
    • Running shoes. I need to publicly thank Kali at finishing firsts for recommending the Mizuno Women’s Wave Rider 13s. No ankle trouble in these! I’m already stalking the internet for back up pairs!
    • A gym membership. While I’ve been able to do all my runs outside so far, I know I’ll still need this just in case we get hit with a summer thunderstorm.
    • Protein – in all forms. After my long runs, I prefer a green monster or some variety of protein shake. I’m also realizing I need to focus on adding more protein to my meals – specifically my lunches. Grilled chicken breast FTW!

    10. The motivation. There’s two reasons for all of this. First, I’m not going to lie that I’m pretty pumped to earn one of these:


    …the more important one is honoring my loved ones that have served or will be serving in the Air Force. But you’re going to have to wait to hear more about them – SOMETHING TO LOOK FORWARD TO!

    Any thoughts/comments/concerns? Are you training for a race this summer? Leave a comment and we can motivate each other along the way!

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