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One of my favorite quotes, as “handcrafted” over at picmonkey.com.  Don’t be afraid to #dothework.


p.s. TODAY is the last day to enter the Saks’ Key To The Cure giveaway – check out the options before 12AM Friday – part of the prize is a $25 Saks gift card!

p.s.s. you’ll want to head back here tomorrow, especially if you’re a Clevelander – consider this a “Best of” teaser as an early way to celebrate this blog’s anniversary this month…

Link It Up: Must Read Posts on 8.23.2013

This is has been a doozy of a week for many. How about we lighten the mood this Friday and forget about life for awhile…

Newton 3


A new issue of Ohio Active is out, and includes my review of the Newton Running EnergyNR Guidance Trainer. I also really enjoyed the Learning How to Neutralize Self-Doubt post. Plenty of good reads abound over at the site.

Needing some new blogs to add to your reader? Lindsay at The Lean Green Bean shared 35 Bloggers She Loves. She’s so insightful and heart filled in sharing her appreciation for them all.

I wasn’t able to make it down to run the Akron Color Me Rad 5K, but Rachel was: check out her recap hereBig points to her for running TWO 5Ks that day!


 It’s funny how some simple questions can lead to some big answers. For examples, check out what’s the One Question You Should Ask Everyone You Meet, and also those 5 Essential Questions to Lead You to Your Calling.

For all you overachievers out there: Why You Are Already More Than Enough Already.

Rounding it out with Awakening Your Compassion: 8 Steps to Cultivate a Daily Practice: As corny as it sounds, number one is what’s gotten me through this week. Backbends FTW.


Clevelanders, check out cleveland.com’s food truck guide featuring 31 local trucks. The extra tidbits on each at the end of each listing are fun!

Should have made this Gluten-Free Blueberry Coffee Cake for breakfast. Oh my!

I’ll be gluten-freeing this Mediterranean-Style Farro With Roasted Tomatoes recipe STAT.

Need an option to carb load before a long run? Nigella Lawson’s Linguine with Lemon, Garlic, and Thyme Mushrooms seems to be a solid option.

Loved the visuals on this: 22 Food Words You Might Be Pronouncing Wrong


Tulsa’s Puppy Mascot Will Be The Best Part Of College Football Season? AND she has an Instagram account?! Second best Golden ever. You know who has the number one spot in my heart:


Someone turned seven on Monday. My pup isn’t a pup anymore!


Time for you to Link It Up: what are you reading and loving this week?

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keeping warm & staying motivated (plus the ellasport giveaway winner)

It’s very fitting that on the morning I planned to announce the winner of the ellasport Chloe Long-Sleeve Tee that Cleveland is getting a significant coating of snow!! So were you the lucky winner? Let’s first find out your responses to the mandatory first entry questions: here are favorite workout motivation tactics and your favorite “keep warm in the winter” tricks…

your favorite “keep warm in the winter” tricks included:

  • Keep moving! The more energy I expend working out, the warmer I feel to sip lots of hot tea – so good for you and really helps keep me warm. Also snuggling up with my fur ball works too…
  • My favorite trick for staying warm in the CLE winter = leggings under EVERYTHING. Even leggings under leggings! Sweater tights work pretty well, too.
  • Lots of layers – you can never be too prepared! Not to mention after our long runs on Saturdays the girls and I end at Starbucks for a nice hot latte!!!!!
  • My favorite winter work out tactic is to keep my home on the cool to colder side. This way being cold makes me get on my treadmill to work up a good sweat. Then I don’t mind that the house is cold.
  • Hand warmers! I use them all the time in the winter. I buy them in bulk at Costco and Marshalls usually has them on sale.
  • My trick for staying warm is wearing a scarf every day all day even indoors. It is a neural brown so it goes with every outfit!
  • I do some light cardio in the house before I head outside to stay warm!
  • to stay warm at home i wrap myself in my heated blankie…

I have to admit – I’m a HUGE fan of the leggings under EVERYTHING suggestion. I also find a pup will sub as a heated blanket in a pinch!

your favorite workout motivation tactics included:

  • If I’m lacking motivation, I just need to GET OUT THE FRONT DOOR. seriously, works every time.
  • I know I am crazy, but I love a cold snowy run. I find battling the elements to be very motivating!
  • Motivation for me is that I always ALWAYS feel better after I work out. ALWAYS.
  • My current motivation is the upcoming wedding. I had my first fitting, so no gaining for me!
  • I like the “you’re stronger than you think you are” mantra.
  • I always stay motivated to work out by remembering how “slow and sluggish” my body feels when I don’t.
  • I’m still in the “getting healthy” not “super athlete” phase. So I set reminders on my phone to get moving.
  • SUCK IN YOUR ABS when doing weight training!
  • I find it easier though if I get up in the morning and get it out of the way.
  • My motivation trick is to leave my workout clothes out the night before an A.M. workout.
  • My motivation for workout is that I will stay fit and I can wear all my favorite dresses without any adjustments.
  • My favorite workout motivation tactic for running is to have an outfit that makes me feel fast.
  • My go-to motivation is in knowing how fast the ability to run and move can be taken from you. Makes me grateful to have get up and go.
  • My best motivation is working out with a friend, or a killer music playlist on the iPod.
  • My favorite motivation tactic is definitely accountability. If my boyfriend knows I plan on running five miles and I don’t, I’ll feel lame.
  • I like to daydream about my beach vacations, it helps me think about how I’d LIKE to look in my bikini.

Whenever you are lacking motivation, think back on these suggestions – I think I’ve used them all at some point to get my body moving!

So what did our giveaway winner have to say?



Congrats Melissa from I Crashed The Web! I love the idea to sleep IN your workout gear – talk about setting yourself up for success! And I think you’re right – the length of the shirt is going to be perfect on you!! Please email me at poiseinparma (at) gmail (dot) com with your mailing info to claim your prize.

Many thanks to everyone who entered and to ellasport for their generosity!! Make sure to visit their site to see all their workout gear options and to “like” them on Facebook. Based on the snowflakes coming down this morning, I’m very happy to have that extra long sleeve layer!

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