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#HeinensSundaySupper Week One: pork chops with roasted potatoes & asparagus

Congrats to Valerie from Motherhood in Progress  – you’ve won two tickets to Yuri’s Night Cleveland! Didn’t win? Tickets are available at the Great Lakes Science Center‘s event website for the April 12th event.


Disclaimer:  As a part of the Heinen’s #HeinensSundaySupper campaign, I offered to share my photos and thoughts during our Sunday meals. I was given a gift card for my participation. My thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 

It was just last Wednesday I was chatting with an event volunteer that I hadn’t seen in awhile. The subject turned to food and restaurants (as it usually does when you plan those types of events) and the volunteer asked me a very sound question: “which type of foodie are you: one that likes to cook or one that likes the restaurant experience?”

My answer: “I would say I’m sort of both, but I lean towards the restaurant enjoyment because I don’t have the time to create full blown meals on a regular basis.” I then even admitted how much I especially missed making a Sunday night meal for Hans, myself and the occasional additional family member.

With that cue, enter stage left:  Heinen’s.

photo 1

I was recently invited to partake in #HeiensSundaySupper, sharing photos of my end-of-the-weekend meals from items crafted from their stores. What better way to dive right back into a regular weekend cooking routine?

Last Sunday, Hans and I headed out the Brecksville location (a uber quick jaunt down I-77) and came home with the bundle of groceries pictured above. On the initial visit, I was going for pantry staples plus fun, fresh ingredients that I love.

After a prompt unpacking and the heating of our oven, I tossed together an easy, yet tasty Sunday meal for my husband and I:

photo 2

WIth this brutal winter, there was no chance of grilling the pork chops. (AKA I couldn’t talk Hans into going outside!) So with a quick Google search, The Kitchn helped me out with a “sear first, throw in the over to finish” method that made me feel like a culinary genius. (Not so much in the grand scheme of things — just a trick I’ve seen on cooking shows about a million times!)

When we saw the fingerling potatoes and the asparagus at Heinen’s that afternoon, a craving for roasted veggies overtook me. With a light coating of olive oil, sea salt and pepper – tossed along with shallots and garlic – we had the perfect sides for our protein. So easy, so simple, yet so delicious. We paired our meal with a white wine blend we found in the grocery’s Bin 55 (their favorite wines for under $10) and ended the weekend off right.

LONG STORY SHORT: The smile on Hans’ face said it all – he was glad to have a solid meal at home again! I’ve got ideas for the next two Sundays, all based on the ingredients in the photo above. Stay tuned to see how it all plays out… and how I regain my standing of the World’s Best Wife, ha! Thanks Heinen’s for the assist.

Stay in touch with Heinen’s via their social media feeds: on Facebook and on Twitter at @heinens.

Disclaimer:  As a part of the Heinen’s #HeinensSundaySupper campaign, I offered to share my photos and thoughts during our Sunday meals. I was given a gift card for my participation. My thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 

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sights and sounds {part four}

Getting some words of encouragement a little over a week ago seemed to light a fire in me last week – or maybe it was just being out and about so much in and around the city.

coffee on a friday

Even after that HUGE cup of joe, on Friday afternoon I wasn’t sure where the energy was going to come from to teach my happy hour class that evening. Leave it to a room full of yogis and some new tunes to get a part-time yoga teacher going.

grady and macbook

Upon my iTunes browsing adventures, I came across the Vitamin String Quartet and their wide array of covers of popular pop tunes. I could have spent a hundred dollars on MP4s, but to Hans’ pleasure, I only spent about $10 — which included this:

That was a $1.29 well spent — students in two separate classes specifically asked me about this track. I love shaking things up and giving them a big of the unexpected – even in the background soundtrack of their practice.

Saturday included a treat that’s been long overdue. Hans was jonesing for a trip to his favorite Tremont restaurant for awhile now. And with Zack Bruell Restaurant Week going on thru the 25th, I made reservations for Parallax.

parallax lobster roll

…but in our usual fashion at such restaurant week events, we didn’t order off the Restaurant Week menu. I started with the thai coconut and chicken soup (I could have eaten three bowls of this and been happy) and the sashimi salad, and Hans couldn’t resist the pumpkin gnocchi. We then split three delicious sushi rolls: one crab, one spicy tuna and one lobster (pictured above).  From service, to food, to the background music (rock hits of the 70′s and 80′s FTW), we will always keep Parallax in our back pocket for a much needed date night out.

Sunday morning rolled around fast, and Hans was ready to take on another one of my yoga classes. We found ourselves bright and early at for my 8:30 Sweet Heat Flow class. Since I’ve started teaching at Evolution Yoga, he’s been dabbling with more formal studio classes.  I love having him in class – he’s my extra boost of confidence.

evolution yoga sunday morning

My eyebrows might be out of control, but Hans’ side crow is quite steady. He’s even able to stack his thigh on just one elbow – compared to me stacking on both elbows. Ahhh, the bonus of regular weightlifting Myself, I snuck back to EY for Sandy’s 4PM Jungle Vinyasa class where we started by rolling out our hamstrings and glutes – but she kindly threw in some backbends for yours truly. #lovethatlady

Sunday night wrapped up having family over for homemade slow cooker pot roast. As captured via Instagram video, my recipe is pretty much a chop-and-drop one. Five or so hours later, it gives you enough to feed five adults a bit leftover – mostly thanks to my mom bringing along haluski (cabbage and noodles) that made the gluten-eating diners quite happy. And me crazy jealous.

As for today: I’m catching up on the things-to-do that I shoved off this weekend. For a change, it feels like a “weekend from the weekend”!

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sights and sounds (from a holiday weekend) {part two}

Oh extended holiday weekends, how we all love you so…

How would I describe mine? Oh, in the grand scheme of things, it wasn’t all that unusual. It would probably go something like this…

teaching yoga on Thanksgiving morning (& all weekend long)

nishkama yoga thx 2013

It might seem really strange to some, but holiday classes are yoga studios are some of the best. Tons of people come out, the energy is high – it’s like a party, so I’m always down to teach. (Save the date: I’m teaching another all levels class on Christmas Eve morning at Nishkama!)  We had a ball on Turkey Day – it felt good (and very right) to be exactly where I was that morning.

On a side note: THE SONG OF THE MOMENT:

Seriously, I’m obsessed. My apologies to my husband for having to listen to it all weekend.

spending Thanksgiving afternoon with my favorite people

thanksgiving 2013

Thanksgiving afternoon was spent at my dad’s where I reconfirmed my love for his girlfriend’s mom’s cornbread casserole. The evening included a journey to Aunt Kathy’s to hang with my mom’s side – always a rambunctious‎ time!

showing my Columbus foodie friends what Cleveland has to offer

market garden brewery

After driving around Tremont to find more places were closed than open for lunch, we worked our way over to West 25th and snagged a table for four at Market Garden Brewery.  We ate and drank very well that afternoon – between the Festivus Ales, the mussels, the varying types of chorizo dishes, Hans’ mac and cheese, the chips with salsa and gauc… we could have used a bigger table and bigger stomachs.

rooting on Ohio State to another victory

bean soup

I don’t know if  game day gets any better than it did on Saturday (other than the Buckeyes winning by only one point).  My fellow teacher Kevin hosted and treated us to that pictured Mexican Bean Chili, which 1) hit the spot after a long morning at the studio and 2) that I’m still hoping to get the recipe for as it tasted very similar to my chili.  Another friend Renee made this fabulous butternut squash and cheddar bread recipe – one tray with gluten, one tray without.  Let’s just say I went back for several servings. I can’t wait to make it for upcoming holiday gatherings.  And apparently my sweet potato mash and my walnut brownies were quite the hits as well!  It was the perfect day to eat (more) great food, cheer on a mostly solid team and spend quality time with some of the best people in my world.

making time for my practice

vision yoga cleveland

I’m finding the best plan for a Browns game is to be relaxing in a yoga studio. Instead of watching them lose by 4 points this week, I opted for a workshop at Vision Yoga and Wellness in Ohio City. Elaine Hullihen taught a Body Check session about the psoas and the glutes. Yes, I spent the afternoon massaging my own behind.  Her teaching style was very calming and grounding, and I left with so much more anatomy knowledge than expected.

The holiday weekend was exactly what I needed.  But until the end of next weekend, I’ll be ears deep in these:

jingle bell

CYBER MONDAY ALERT: Save $5 off your Jingle Bell Run/Walk race registrations TODAY! Adults are only $20 and kids are only $15. Save ANOTHER $5 off adult race registrations with the promo code “CyberMonday”. Register at the race website.

What was the best part about your long holiday weekend? 

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