when my brother ran the 2014 Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon

I will never run a marathon. It’s not that I couldn’t — I’m just making the active choice not too. My run/walk tendencies plus having heavier bones just doesn’t lend well to uber long distances.  Plus, I’m much better suited at being on a yoga mat for 6 hours than pounding the pavement.

My brother, on the other hand, got the genes that made him tall, lean and fast. Drew’s always run to stay in shape, but only started dabbling in races in the past few years. You may remember he ran his first half marathon last year at the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon, pushing himself to a 1:45 finish with not a whole lot of training.  So when he said he was signing up for the full 26.2 miles this year, I cleared all plans for the morning of May 18, 2014 in plans to be there for nearly every step.

Agreeing to be his race fuel crew, he dropped off his Powerade the night before and we made our plan where I would first meet Drew at mile 7 on his epic trek around the West side of Greater Cleveland. I arrived at West 65th and Franklin just in time to watch the lead runners blow by, then saw Ryan (@CLECraftBeerRun) ran by pacing the 3:25 runners. As Drew was shooting to run his first marathon under four hours, I waited patiently as the crowd thickened. It was exciting to see so many speedy Northeastern Ohioans breeze by!

Cleveland Marathon Mile 7

My brother coming and going at mile 7.

I’ve come to recognize my brother’s gait from a distance so could easily spot him as he approached. He stopped only to take off his blue hoodie, recognize he had pinned his bib to his long sleeve tshirt (and not the short sleeve he had under it), take a few slips of his Powerade before he was off and running. Then then, so was I — to Rocky River I went!

cleveland marathon fuel

With a quick pit stop at Starbucks (I have my fuel as he has his), I made it to the water stop just past mile 14 with plenty of time to spare. I missed the lead runners, but again got to see Ryan (looking strong) and another social media friend, Pam (@pam_mcgowan – who was looking FIERCE) before Drew ran up again. He slowed down to a trot so I could jog along side him as he again took some Powerade. He said he was still feeling good and that his knee wasn’t bothering him too badly. (He had dislocated it a few years back playing rec basketball and that was my biggest concern for him that morning.)  He took one last quick swig, handed me the bottle and was again on his way. I yelled “see you in another seven – you’ve got this!”  Back to me, he fist pumped the air and was on his merry way.

For mile 21, Hans, my mom, her boyfriend and his kids all joined me in time to meet up with Drew before the final stretch. At the intersection at Lake and Nicholson, I realized I was a bit ahead of our game plan, but it turns out it worked out for the best as Drew really appreciated seeing all of us before the mile marker.  My mom had a made a sign that said “RUN DREW” and they all cheered, which put a HUGE smile on my brother’s face. He slowed to a quick walk, and Hans and I joined him as he again took a bit more Powerade. He wasn’t drinking much of what I brought, but he assured me he was taking water at each water stop.  He gave me back the bottle and I said, “I’ll see you at the finish line” and he was off again.

We hightailed it downtown as fast as we could from there. Getting caught in traffic at Detroit and West 65th, I questioned my decision making skills, but by the grace of the Cleveland parking gods, Hans and I found an empty spot on the West 9th.  We found ourselves on Lakeside, also finding the last leg of the race course. We waited it out and caught my brother one last time before he got to the finish.

cleveland marathon mile 26

Drew was in the zone when we saw him, but eventually all our yelling and screaming caught his attention. He gave us the “here’s lookin’ at you” finger-point and somehow picked it up again. As he sped off, I started yelling “THAT’S MY BROTHER! HE’S A MARATHONER” and the crowd around us cheered. I suddenly became overwhelmed in that feeling I had when I had finished my first half marathon — I was just so damn proud of him.

I would eventually track down my brother, who had found my dad and his girlfriend, on Lakeside, medal around his neck and blanket around his body.

cleveland marathon love

He said he thought he came in around 3:50. I looked it up later to find his official clock time was 3:51:29 — absolutely amazing for his very first full marathon.  Not only did he reach his goal, he blew it out of the water!

cleveland marathon medal

Even though after the half last year he was vowing to never to do this again, I can’t say I’m too shocked by any of this. My brother is determined, a hard worker, and mentally and physically strong. When he sets a goal for himself, he reaches it every time. Talk about commitment – his picture is in the dictionary next to the definition of the word.

Later Sunday night, he texted me to thank me — but in the grand scheme of things, I wanted to thank him for again showing me that anything is possible when you put your mind to it and simply #dothework.  He’s one of my biggest motivators and is a constant source of inspiration. Here’s to you, Drew!  Now, let’s see how long until we see you BQ…

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GIVEAWAY: Pier W’s Copper River Salmon Run/Walk 5K

After a good cardio session, I crave some serious protein. Turns out one of Cleveland’s best restaurants has the same craving after running, so they combined their love of seafood and physical activity for everyone’s enjoyment!

copper river salmon run Pier W

Pier W is hosting its Copper River Salmon Run/Walk 5K on Saturday, May 31 in Lakewood. The race – which steps off at 10AM – celebrates Alaska’s Copper River salmon season, and proceeds benefit Cleveland’s Malachi House.

From their website: “Malachi House, created out of a Christian sense of ministry, serves persons who are terminally ill, at no cost or regard to gender, race, religion or national origin. Our Home ministers to individuals who need an available caregiver, who have limited or no financial resources and are in need of special home care in the final stages of life.”

Participants can run or walk the course, all the way to Pier W. For your $30 in advance registration fee ($35 day of), you can get entry to the race plus your choice of a Copper River Salmon burger, a vegan black bean burger, a standard all beef burger or a turkey dog — prepared by Chef Regan Reik. For beverages, there will be water, sports drinks and beer — something for everyone!

Register online today or race day registration begins on race day at 9 a.m. at Lakewood Park’s Outdoor Pavilion (14532 Lake Ave., Lakewood).  By the way, if you’re only interested in lunch, you can buy a “lunch only” option for only $12!

…or you can enter to win a 5K race entry here on the blog this week! Enter via the Rafflecopter here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

You have until this Friday, May 9th at 12:00AM EST to enter. The winner will be announced later that morning and contacted by email to process your registration. So why not treat yourself after those 3.1 miles? Enter today!

Stay up-to-date with Pier W and Malachi House:

Disclosure: All photos were provided by Pier W. In return for running this giveaway for a 5K race entry for one of my readers, I was offered a race entry for myself. My thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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Temptations of the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath & the Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Congrats to Katie (@ktb0981) – you’ve won the #DazzleCLE PlayhouseSquare swag prize pack! Don’t forget about tonight’s lighting event starting at 5:00PM – there’s more info here.


Last Friday, I failed to mention one of my non-yoga favorite things about our San Francisco trip to yoga teacher training. We rented a great house just south of the UC Berkeley campus that came with bikes to get around the area. My buddy Kevin is an expert cyclist and has plenty of experience riding around metro areas. While I was nervous biking in the streets at first, I learned a lot from him and gained road riding confidence quick. Along with all those hours in the studio, the moments biking were just as much ones I won’t forget from California.

So when I got home to Cleveland, I knew what had to be done:  Stella, my Trek, had to get ready for the 2014 riding season.

Bike Authority Broadview Heights Ohio

Bike Authority in Broadview Heights knocked it out of the park, turning around the bike tune up in less than 24 hours from drop off the night before. The only problem was I couldn’t pick it up for three days. But once I had it again, I took advantage of the stellar weekend weather and headed down to the Cuyahoga Valley National Park to see if I still had my towpath riding legs from last year.

CVNP Mile Marker 20

Turns out I did. 15 windy miles done on Saturday…

CVNP Mile Marker 25

…and 16 easier miles Sunday. That’s when I discovered my new 2014 past time: seeing how many mile markers I could visit this year. Game on.

CVNP Mile Marker 13

On a side note: the fuzz and I went out for a 40 minute walk a few Sundays ago. We both came home with big smiles on our face. One of us came home with four ticks. Just be warned, kids: it’s going to be another buggy year for our fuzzy friends, so do what you have to to keep your pups safe. And thanks to Central Bark, also in Broadview Heights, for some extra peace of  mind.

But after a rough week with long hours and rainy days, I’m jones-ing to be back on the bike. I feel like it has a similar effect as my yoga practice – after a lengthy ride, my mind is clear, my body is strong and life is good. And I usually come home with a bit of sun on my nose. Le sigh, is it summer yet? 

Just those first 31 miles in two days re-inspired me. Just like in Berkeley, I saw that authentic version of myself again when I could just let go, relax and surround myself in what was around me in the moment — not the story build up in my head because of a very busy mind.  Just like in meditation: when the mind is clear, so is your perception of what surrounds you. These things keep me grounded, keep me clear, keep me focused.  So if it ain’t broke… make more space for it.

But with a rainy weather forecast and a busy event weekend, I may have to just stick to daydreaming about Stella instead of getting her out on the path. And that’s why you have to keep many tools in your toolbox to keep up the maintenance of a healthy body and mind.  Luckily, it’s just barely May and there’s plenty of time left for towpath-ing in 2014. So let me know if you’re interested in joining me: either for a leisurely stroll, a fast ride or some yoga in the park. This extrovert can’t help bringing folks along for the ride…

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