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Link It Up: Must Read Posts on 8.30.2013

A Monday holiday + last minute Friday PTO request = a L-O-N-G holiday weekend. I’ll take it every time!


Congrats to Becca (entry 145) for winning the two tickets to the Cleveland Garlic Festival next weekend! Remember you can still purchase tickets at the event website.


Who’s going to be at tonight’s yoga event at the Rock Hall hosted by lululemon athletica Eton Chagrin and Inner Bliss? *raises hand*


We’ve been having fun over at the event page sharing what makes us believe in CLE. And after getting to play around on picmonkey.com to share this image of one of my favorite yogi foodies, I started craving that Momocho guac again. Friday night after-party anyone??

Anyways, I found out mid-week that I was invited to help assist the 90 minute yoga class tonight (*SO HONORED*), so if you see me, grab me for a hug and/or hello. It’s going to be a great night at the Rock Hall!

psssssst: I’m teaching the 75 minute all levels vinyasa class at Nishkama Yoga on Monday morning. Class starts at 9:30 – would love to see some smiling faces!


Alana’s giving away tickets to an upcoming Browns game over at her blog - there’s no better Browns fan to run this blog giveaway!

Dina hits the nail on the head with Fulfilled in Akron. Why Are You So Surprised? I feel the same way about my suburb…

I’m pretty proud of Julie sharing her Why I Support Robin Thicke post yesterday. It’s raw and frank and well thought out – definitely worth the read.

After Beth’s recent trip to Aspen and Boulder, Colorado is now at the top of my “must go to” list. What photos!


From Cleveland MagazineBird Brains - Parma’s pink punch line gets turned into public art. Lord knows I love a flamingo.

From Cleveland Scene Magazine: Hometown guy Frank Oriti Captures the Faces of Northeast Ohio for the World. Very cool work!

…and in “other Parma news” – my mom’s cat is still missing:

scout missing

If you are in the area and see Scout – let me know!


You know what to do in the comments – share your posts/thoughts/ramblings… and enjoy your Labor Day holiday!

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coming clean: my FitBloggin’ confessions

Over a week later, you’ve seen all the FitBloggin’ recaps by now, so the need for me to rehash every.single.moment isn’t quite needed. You get the idea by looking at these:

fitbloggin 2013

Thanks to Carrie D Photography for capturing the group photo – check out all her FitBloggin’ coverage here

In my third go-around at this conference, I wore a few different hats: attendee, speaker, Fashion Show participant (I’m OBSESSED with those red pants – thanks Reebok). There are always some takeaways, some confessions and plenty of SWAG - but these are the thoughts especially sticking with me post-Portland.

People love the opportunity to try out a new workout opportunity.

There were workouts of all sorts: bootcamp, cardio dance, Zumba, yoga, trampolining, CrossFit and a fun run. Personally, the cardio dance with Patricia Moreno ‏(@intenSati) from SatiLife was intensely moving for me: both spiritually and physically. I’m already stalking her site for more info on her blend of “fitness, dance, martial arts, yoga, nutrition, meditation and spiritual practices”. (source)  I want more of that uplifting style of hers!

And as a proud Clevelander, I handed out all of my GIJAYNEFITNESS kickboxing DVDs. A few ladies already even tried out the DVD back at home – thanks Sharla, Heather and Tara for the shout outs!

I have a future career as an Olympic power walker.

I proudly wear my run/walker hat, but it turns out that all of Hans’ observations about my insanely fast walking pace were well-founded. I might have power walked past a handful of people during the 5K. Maybe I’m not as much of a “slow” runner as I thought I was!

I still don’t understand Google Analytics – and don’t care to.

That’s what folks like Tim at midpackrunner.com are for right?!? That man knows his stuff. I just wish his presentation was earlier in the weekend so that more people could have learned from his wealth of knowledge.

Physical therapy isn’t the only thing I need to repair my shoulder.

I’m going to need a swift kick in the pants. During Erin’s goal setting session, I shared that my current goal is rehab-ing my shoulder injury, but that the thing standing in the way from achieving it is my ego. I deep down knew this, but hadn’t admitted it so openly before that moment on Saturday morning. I so desperately want to be on my yoga mat, doing my vinyasa practice. But it aches to do so, so doing a slower at-home restorative style practice is going to be the only asana practice in my future. That and more strength training. BAH.

Turning the big 3-0 came right at the right time.

Many have shared how FitBloggin’ did something to shift their thinking. For me, having my 30th birthday the day following the end of the conference only enhanced the need of recognition of a change occurring in my spirit. Maybe its old age wisdom settling in, but I left the conference with a sense of confidence that I haven’t felt in a while. I’m brewing on it a bit more, but as I shared on my birthday, this idea of creating opportunities instead of settling for circumstances is really sticking with me. Here’s hoping that FitBloggin’ induced confidence sticks with me that way that mantra is…

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Disclosure: I served as a sponsored brand ambassador of GIJAYNEFITNESS at this conference. My FitBloggin’ conference admission was comped as I served as a speaker.  (A huge thanks to Roni and her entire team for their efforts to make it such a success.) All thoughts and ramblings are 100% my own.

Ohio Blogging Association June Meetup at Whole Foods Market Cedar Center with Goose Island

Don’t forget – you have until Sunday night to enter the Running for Hope 5K giveaway. Race is on Saturday, June 29 in Avon Lake and benefits Love Without Borders.


Another Ohio Blogging Association meet up is history!

2013-06-12 18.27.57

The blogroll for the evening included:

I’ve been slow to get more Ohio Blogging Association meetings on the rest of the 2013 calendar. So when our friends from Whole Foods Market Cedar Center had a unique opportunity available during Goose Island Migration Week, I knew our bloggers would have a blast learning about this Chicago-based beer company. The allure of drinking beer and eating chocolate didn’t hurt either.

As in the past, we gathered at Whole Foods Market Cedar Center‘s cafe area where the store’s team took such care to provide a wonderful classroom set up all ready for the OBA members to taste and learn. The Goose Island beer list for the evening included options from their Vintage Ales line (descriptions from Goose Island’s website):

  • Sofie: “Fermented with wild yeasts and aged in wine barrels with orange peel, Sofie is a tart, dry, sparkling ale.”
  • Matilda: “Wild in character, with a slightly fruity aroma and a spicy yeast flavor… Dry and quenching”
  • Pepe Nero: “Pepe Nero is a farmhouse ale brewed with black peppercorns. His roasty sweetness melds into a lingering, earthy, black pepper finish”
  • Pere Jacques: “Brewed with loads of malt and Belgian yeast, Pere Jacques is a wonderfully fruity, malty ale.” 

 2013-06-12 17.51.36

…and the part I definitely indulged in – the chocolates sampling from WILD OPHELIA, the spirited younger sister of Vosges Haut-Chocolat (descriptions from their website):

Dave drank my beer and I ate his chocolate. We made an excellent tasting pair.  If I remember correctly, he enjoyed the Matilda. I remember really loving the peanut butter and banana chocolate. I heard feedback that the bloggers enjoyed learning the basics on how to “taste” something: learning to look for notes of different flavors, different variations of certain types of food, how they work with the pairing. The 45 minute presentation was a fun activity that allowed us to take something home - other than chocolate bars!

Post-tasting, I encouraged everyone to go spend their money on the bulk flash sale (20% off bulk nuts, popcorn, oats – huzzah!) and then perhaps giving their wooden nickel (for bringing their own reusable shopper) to a good cause (*cough*cough*choose the one on the right!!*):

2013-06-12 17.47.07

Many of us took advantage of the Whole Foods hot bar post-tasting. Hello, I’m a healthy living blogger – you should have seen that one coming! I was freezing, so I grabbed some chipotle veggie turkey soup (light yet hearty, with a hint of smokiness) and a bunch of mixed greens (surprise, surprise). Other bloggers snagged options from the BBQ smoked meats hot bar, sushi and one really good looking burger. Good stuff and happy bellies all around.

LONG STORY SHORT: We ate. We drank. We ate again. We talked each others’ ears off.  It made my heart smile when Stuart shared the following feedback: “You can always tell a good meeting by the fact that people hang around long after the official ending time.”  While sometimes things get crazy, pulling together some of Cleveland’s bloggers makes it worthwhile every single time. Thank you all for attending, and thanks again to Whole Foods Market Cedar Center and Goose Island for the opportunity!

I’m always taking suggestions for Ohio Blogging Association events: leave them in the comments below. Information on the next meeting will be posted very soon – per suggestions from last night, I foresee another blogging roundtable in the horizon…

Make sure to “like” OBA on Facebook and follow us on Twitter at @OHBlogging.

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