eat well. move a lot. sleep. and repeat.

Oh, hey blog, how’s it going? Sure, I dropped off the radar there for the past week. I’m entering a busy season (& struggling with some blogger’s block), but I’m happy to report I’ve been up to the usual shenanigans:

I’ve been eating plenty of good food.

Photo Mar 09, 11 34 52 AM

My favorite post-yoga smoothie with EAS protein low-carb shake, a frozen banana, spinach and ice.

Photo Mar 08, 7 24 13 PM

Welcome to 2013, Honey Hut!


From a Saturday night at The Oak Barrel: Veggie Burger Sliders and the Sunny Side Burger (above), followed by Flourless Chocolate Torte and the Tahitian Vanilla Bean Creme Brûlée (below).

Photo Mar 10, 9 04 41 PM

The delicious desserts were compliments of the chef, but the entire meal from our wonderful server Deborah to the tasty eats had me promising to be back again soon.

Photo Mar 12, 3 04 06 PM

…and a pineapple care of a work vendor. They know I can’t do gluten, so fresh fruit is the natural next selection for a gift, right?…

I’ve been keeping up with my yoga.

Photo Mar 16, 11 39 52 AM

Practicing during my usual Saturday morning sweat sessions. Demo-ing at a Backbending workshop taught by @triyogamom. Learning by stalking the Wanderlust YouTube channel. And I’m teaching doubles the next two Thursday nights: come for the 5:45PM power vinyasa flow – stay for the 7:30 yoga basics class!

I’ve also been keeping up with my cardio – hitting the gym to run in the mornings before work and dabbling with a spin class when I can. That 10K is going to be here before we know it…

I’ve been fuzzing.

Photo Mar 15, 7 33 26 PM

…but you knew that already, right?

It hasn’t been all rainbows and unicorns, but I’ll save you the drama – I still have to catch up on all that with my mama.

What was your highlight of the past week? What are you looking forward to this week? Between a visit to PlayhouseSquare, the Ohio Blogging Association meetup at MedWish (RSVP TODAY!), a work event and more, my answer has got to be pup sitting this weekend!

Christmas Eve Confessions

…It’s staycation time around PIP HQ and I plan to fill it with yoga classes, at least two movie theater visits, and my best attempt at relaxation.

…As I our offices closed early on Friday afternoon, I was being ordered to not long into my work email while on PTO this week. I’ve surprising been able to detach – although I did start a draft email last night…

…I’ve been living off leftovers from our TWChristmas get together this weekend. Lucky for me, my friends brought lamb and grape leaves (which, over romaine lettuce, make an excellent lunch) as well as some tasty peppermint bark for dessert.

…Hans, on the other hand, has been enjoying these leftovers:

…Champagne hangovers make for the best hot yoga practices. Detox to retox!

…As I taught the Christmas Eve yoga class this morning, I totally lead my students through tree pose as I played this song. Don’t worry, the rest of class was my usual combo of singer-songwriter rock and hand-picked hip hop for flowing. I forgot how much I love to move to this song.

…As for how I felt after class this morning, this tweet says it all:

…I’m having an extraordinarily good feeling about 2013. Like gut-rumbling, heart-beating, know-it-in-your-soul feeling that great things are about to happen, for all of us.

…I still have two people and two fuzzes to shop for. Someone isn’t afraid to share his feelings about that:

He’s just mad I haven’t bought him a festive holiday outfit to wear for tomorrow. That’s about to change…


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