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it’s time for a change (an update on an evolving career)

My yoga practice and teaching path might have started elsewhere, but it made its new home here last twelve months ago.

In the fall of 2012, I returned to full time employment. With going from freelancing back to a full-time job, concern worried me. How would I fit in a regular practice to this 40+ hour a week schedule? But then I got word that Evolution Yoga announced it was reopening  – and in the same plaza as my full time job — it felt like the Universe was opening up to say, “no worries, Alicia — here’s a vinyasa yoga studio and enjoy.”

In October 2013, the studio opened and I had the opportunity to audition to join the teaching staff.  I dove right in, picking up two classes on the regular schedule, trying to learn as much as I could from Sandy, the studio owner, and the other EY teachers. This new community accepted me with open arms as my previous yoga home closed it doors, allowing me to thrive in this new-to-me setting.

The past twelve months have been a journey in understanding myself: as a teacher, as a student, as a wife, a daughter, a sister and a friend. But in all of it, a few things kept me focused:

  • A deep down desire to serve others.
  • A need to make more space in my life for positive energies.
  • A want for more opportunities to grow my yoga career while utilizing the skills I developed an event planner and community builder.
  • A goal of accepting myself for exactly who I am.

But to do all of that, I had to change. And DRASTICALLY. It was crystal clear that it was time to do what was necessary to achieve what I wanted to become.  And lucky for me, the community surrounding me was there to help make it happen.

This month, I start as the Director of Development for Evolution Yoga School & Practice Space. I’ll be able to use all the skills I’ve learned so far in my professional career to help the business thrive. This new role also gives me the opportunity to grow as a yoga teacher (including adding more classes to my teaching schedule!) – something I’ve dedicated myself to for the past year.  I’m so excited to dig in.

To Sandy and the entire EY community: thank you for welcoming twelve months ago with open arms. You’re all about to get a lot more hugs, savasana assists and playlists filled with John Mayer slow jams.

File this one in the #whatyoubelieveyoucreate folder, kids – sankuplas (and dreams) do come true.

So maybe do me a favor if you haven’t already? Like Evolution Yoga on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter at @EvoYogaCLE and Instagram at @evolution_yoga. Visit the studio’s website to learn more & check out our MINDBODY page to see the schedule of classes.

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event preview: NEOCycle

Congrats to Jessica E. — you won the Bright Pink FabFest swag bag giveaway. Let me know if you’ll be at this Sunday’s Cleveland FabFest – would love to see into some familiar faces.


With a recent knee funk (also known as chondromalacia patella - that’s a post for another day), I’ve had a certain Queen song running through my head in the past few weeks:

Enthralled doesn’t explain how happy I was to get in about 9 leisurely miles on Saturday after my PT said it was time to add some of my regular activities back into my routine.

Then I caught a tweet from a friend this morning and realized have I’ve been living under a rock to be just discovering Greater Cleveland Sports Commission’s NEOCycle — taking place this weekend — September 26-28, 2014 — all over Greater Cleveland.


From the event website, NEOCycle is “an urban cycling festival consisting of competitive races and unique rides, connected by live entertainment and an interactive, action-filled festival at Cleveland Metroparks Edgewater Park on the shores of Lake Erie.” 

The event schedule has an array of activities in those three days. Here are some highlights, IMO:

FRIDAY: There’s plenty happening that night at the Cleveland Velodrome, but the 10:30PM race sounds like a ball! There’s also a Velodrome 101 class earlier in the evening — with a beer garden to enjoy inbetween rides as well.

SATURDAY: People, there’s a Night Ride. With 7.5 mile and 15 mile options. And a costume contest. (Perhaps I can borrow Hans’ NASA astronaut costume…) My kind of Saturday night!

SUNDAY: I’m expanding my biking vocabulary by learning what a fondo is. (It’s just basically large group ride from what I can tell.) NEOCycle’s twist on this is the Forest City Fundo. It’s untimed mass ride starting and ending at The Hub at Edgewater Park starting bright and early that morning.

…and these don’t include all the activities at The Hub and the Music Fest with quite line up of musical guests. So grab your two wheel-er, save on some gasoline and ride around CLE with NEOCycle this weekend!

Stay in-the-know: follow NEOCycle on its social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Disclosure: Logo image from NEOCycle site. I’m sharing this event because of my love of biking — I was not asked to share this information. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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#ThisisCLE Healthy Living Blogger Tour: Part Two

Disclosure: I partnered with Positively Cleveland to host an out-of-town blogger for a two-day healthy living tour. All expenses (meals, activities and transportation costs) were paid for by Positively Cleveland. I also received a swag bag of Cleveland items.  As always, thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 

If you read my Part One post from Monday, you know that Positively Cleveland reached out to me to coordinate a #ThisisCLE Healthy Living Tour with Ami from Fit With Flash.  After adventuring around the East side Friday night and in Ohio City that rainy Saturday morning, Ami jumped in my car and we headed south to Valley View to the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad’s Rockside Station:

If you follow my Instagram feed, you know just how much I adore 1) biking on the towpath 2) the combo of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Cleveland Metroparks and Ohio-Erie Canalway.  This had to be an activity I shared with Ami with her time in Northeast Ohio.

Prior to the rain, we had plans to meet up with the great team from Cinecraft Productions (who would be filming a portion of our afternoon activities) to take the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad from Rockside Station to Boston Mill Station, to then ride the ten miles back north on the towpath. But a limited train schedule and one muddy trail led to a change of plans.

Lucky for us, the rain cleared out as Cinecraft taped their first segments with Ami under the covered train station stop. Outfitted with our bikes courtesy at Cleveland Bike Tours (Anne and Joe are the BEST in town!), the crew filmed us riding over bridges and paved trail ways along the canal near Thornburgh Station (where Malley’s and Yours Truly are located).  In the two hours of taping, I was thankful for the Go Pro cameras the crew utilized (can’t wait to see the footage) and the almonds that Ami had to fuel us through the afternoon!

Ami, the very seasoned traveler, offered to take Uber from various locations during our time together. As someone who depends on their car to get them everywhere, I have to admit it opened my eyes to the service it provided. Generally, she had a very easy time finding someone to pick her up and drop her off where she wanted to go – without much hassle… except for that little bit of shenanigans she encountered during her Uber ride as she worked her way to meeting me at The Greenhouse Tavern for our early Saturday night dinner. (On the bright side of things, she did get a few extra steps in because of it!)

As GHT is known for using local ingredients of all types – including produce, protein, and grains – I knew it would be a solid meal choice before the Indians game later that evening. Our server jumped right in with suggestions and recommendations, helping us place a well rounded order. Ami raved over her strip steak, and I couldn’t get enough of the red farm basket tomatoes appetizer (w/ dill, dehydrated nicoise olive, lucky penny feta & cucumber – amazing!), kale salad and the burger (sans bun). It’s so easy to eat gluten free at GHT, another reason why I love to pop in there for a pre-game or pre-show meal.

And then we were off down East 4th and on our way to Progressive Field for the Cleveland Indians game.  We arranged for seats in the Social Suite that evening where Ami had the finest in Northeast Ohio social-media baseball-watching seating possible — and apparently the best place to catch a foul ball that night!

As another Social Suite ticket holder caught that ball, Ami didn’t get to take that home as a souvenir unfortunately — maybe next time she comes to town to cheer on a Tribe win!

LONG STORY SHORT: As we kicked back in the Social Suite — snacking on peanuts (the perfect healthy-living ballpark treat) — Ami and I couldn’t believe how fast the time together went.  In the whirlwind of it all, it made me appreciate my town even more. While I focused on showing Ami spots that are near and dear to my heart, explaining why I loved them so made me appreciate them more. Open your eyes to all the great things you have around you, Cleveland — and not just when your newly found blogger friends make their way to the North Coast!  Many thanks to Ami from Fit With Flash for visiting and Positively Cleveland for making this blogger tour possible!

Check out Ami’s POV of her time in Cleveland: her “Part One” post is up and ready for you to read!

Disclosure: I partnered with Positively Cleveland to host an out-of-town blogger for a two-day healthy living tour. All expenses (meals, activities and transportation costs) were paid for by Positively Cleveland. I also received a swag bag of Cleveland items.  As always, thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 

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