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guest post: Five Simple Ways to Improve Your Mood

A NOTE FROM PIP: It’s exciting to turn over the blog to some wonderful ladies over the course of the next week or so. Today’s I’m honored to share this post from Katie at Call Me Trouble - a lady who I really got to know at the 2013 FitBloggin’ and one that I need to spend a lot more time with in real life! Her love of life shines in everything she does. Take it away, Katie…


First and foremost – a huge thank you to Alicia for inviting me to guest post on Poise in Parma. When I think about Alicia and her nook of the internet, I always think about how inspiring she is. She inspires a love for Cleveland in me, reminders of self worth and appreciation, and most of all, I love how true she is to herself, her values, and her goals. I hope I can do PIP some of the same justice today.

As a young lady working in a staunch, corporate corporate environment. It’s easy to feel bad for yourself. It’s easy to wonder how you’re not one of the people you follow on Instagram making a living off of doing cool yoga poses in even cooler leggings. It’s easy to feel discouraged when you sit at a table of colleagues and struggle to be heard. It’s easy to think, “why not me?” when you see those around you receiving promotions.

You might also think it’s hard to be the bigger person. Hard to assert yourself. Hard to stay positive.

It may not be easy at first but with a little bit of practice, being more mindful and finding joy in the little things in life is just as easy as being a Debbie-Downer. It might even be more fun too.


There’s no one right step-by-step guide to being a happier person, but I am figuring out a few of go-to tricks.

1. Spread words of love. If you’re in a bad mood – if and when you’re ready to be out of one – send a love/thank you/thinking of you note. I dare you to hold onto your contempt while you’re expressing appreciation for someone special. It may help put into perspective what has upset you. “It’s hard to stay mad when there’s so much beauty in the world.” -American Beauty

Simple cards, e-mails, even texts can make someone’s day and the fulfillment you receive in return is priceless.


2. Listen to something you love. It might be a song (like, “So Much Better” from the Legally Blonde the Musical?), or a YouTube video (David Goes to the Dentist, anyone?), or a really good podcast (like when the guys from Freakonomics justify my stance on cheap wine – it really is just as good.) Creating a sensory environment of something you love will be calming and it doesn’t require money or calories.


3. Wear something beautiful. When you find yourself sick with a case of the winter doldrums – be your own canvas. Apply a bright shade of lipstick. Adorn the statement necklace. Step into your favorite heels (once you’re out of the elements.) I truly think there might be something to the ‘ole “fake it until you make it” and I know I feel better when I dress better. Refusing to brush my hair, change out of sweats, or put on deodorant only seems to compound negative thoughts.


4. Create a “warm-fuzzy” collection and let go of the negative. It’s probably as lame as it sounds, but only if you don’t like celebrating how amazing you are. Whenever you receive a compliment, a well-earned thank you, anything that gives you a “warm-fuzzy” feeling on the inside, save it somewhere. This could be a folder on your computer, in you Google Drive, or a shoebox under the bed – save them. Something in the water has taught us to hold onto our mistakes, failures, and missteps. We ruminate about what we wish we would have said or done for hours, days, weeks, and even years. I can recall a table whose salad I forgot to bring out before the meal when I was a waitress almost 10 years ago like it was yesterday, but I can’t even picture the faces of my favorite regulars who treated me like gold. I want to change this. I want to savor the good, and let go of the bad. I want to remember moments I’ve excelled at being a good friend, an ideal associate, or a daughter-to-be-proud-of. Saving these reminders and revisiting them will help reinforce the good. To celebrate all you do for the world, you have to acknowledge it first.


5. Take care of yourself. Listen to your heart, mind, and body. This may sound incredibly oversimplified but when you feel yourself becoming frustrated, slowly rolling a snowball of unhappiness, take a moment. No, don’t count to 10. Okay, count to 10 if you want it, it doesn’t hurt. Whether you count or not; ask yourself what you want? What will make you happy at that moment? What will calm you? The answers are there but you have to ask the question first. One of my most frustrating experiences in a day can be getting dressed. (I also acknowledge this is a blessing.) Picking out an outfit can be daunting for an assortment of reasons, I might be in a rush, trying to impress someone, configuring an outfit that works for work and for happy hour, feeling fat, dealing with trying something on that would be perfect but does not fit at the moment. It goes on and on. Getting dresses has been the least of my worries lately. Instead of asking myself what should I wear? What image am I trying to present? What am I expected to wear? I ask: What do I want to wear? I almost immediately know the answer and I’m saved from countless outfits that I probably know I won’t like before I even try them on. Trusting yourself is a great gift. I trust I have shopped wisely to put clothes in wardrobe for work, play, and everything inbetween. If you’re unhappy, you have the answer within you, ask for it – nicely, please.


the first thirteen days of a new year

Some honesty? My 2014 hasn’t started of as motivated as my normal new years do. 

With the usual turn of the calendar year, I’m bounding. I’m inspired. I’m unstoppable. As a good friend and I recently joked, I probably could be one of those annoying people that would be formally previously quoted as saying “I am so ON right now.”

Yet with the turn of the 2014 calendar, I was sluggish. I was unfocused. I was stuck. But at least I was VERY hyper aware of how unmotivated I was.

So I’ve been trying to find inspiration where I can:

Photo Jan 05, 4 18 45 PM

On a work trip to Atlanta last week, I practically walked into the lamp post this sign hung from. And if I would have kept my gaze straight ahead on the airport concourse walkway, I would have missed this:

Photo Jan 07, 5 57 51 PM

Ah. “Airport appreciation” (as my mom put it) always lifts my spirits – even on a flight delay. #screwyoupolarvortex   Even taking a trick from a fellow yoga teacher that travels a lot for work, I utilized that hour-and-a-half flight from Atlanta to Akron and snuck in some meditation to ground myself – even while thousands of feet in the air.

But then this Sunday, someone I respected looked me in the eye and said “you have a voice, and I want to help you to develop that.”

Photo Jan 06, 5 23 22 PM

More honesty? I tend to agree with this person. That’s why people like me have blogs, right?

Don’t get me wrong: I’ve wanted badly to write – and in fact, have internally made a goal of writing more in the new year. But the motivation has disappeared – as have the themes, the topics, the words, the message. So what was holding me back?

Turns out it was some resentment from 2013 that I had to let go of.  As I held back this resentment, I came to realize that that was just as dangerous as always trying to hold on to control of everything. And in letting go of that past situation, moving forward has become easier and more doors have opened that I thought were previously shut.

Since that conversation on Sunday, I stumbled upon this quote:

“If you had started doing anything two weeks ago, by today you would have been two weeks better at it.” ― John Mayer

(Yes, it’s from JM. Of course I’m obsessed.)

I’m not looking as the past thirteen days as being wasted by any means. They weren’t the prettiest, but life isn’t always that put together. Sometimes is a mess of random occurrences, miscommunications and cumbersome mishaps.  Sometimes it means wearing yoga pants to work – dressed up with a sweater dress and boots, of course. It’s what it is – and what it was – and it’s time to learn from those thirteen days.

It’s in those times of discomfort when we discover the most about ourselves – and we realize (and come to accept that) it’s okay to be perfectly imperfect. Just like every flight delay. Just like every time your mind steals you away in meditation. Just like every single one of us working our way through this crazy thing called life.

So I’m hitting the reset button (with JM’s tunes playing in the background): here’s to writing more. Meditating more. Believing in myself more. So that I can serve the others around me even more.

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My 2014 New Year’s Resolutions

Thanks 2013 for giving us one of the best years in a very long time.

2013 collage

Month by month, some of my favorite moments from last year by month from left to right, top to bottom.

I asked Hans his thoughts on the last year. His reply: “It was energetically challenging.”  The man cannot tell a lie. No wonder we needed an extended staycation at the end of it all. But we both accomplished a great deal personally and professionally, and grew in so many ways.

I’ll admit I was a bit overzealous with my 2013 commitments to myself. Handstanding a day started well – then I re-injured my shoulders lifting too many banquet tables. Vlogging takes a LOT of time, but is something I hope to revisit soon. Running and I just aren’t getting along like we used to.  I definitely reached my yoga teaching goal and took several epic journeys – cheers to that!

So for 2014, I’m hoping to be a bit more realistic with these resolutions:

Meditate daily.

Even if it’s just for five minutes – hopefully for ten. Maybe eventually longer. In all honesty, my meditation practice has been sporadic up until this point and I know the benefits it can bring. Nothing fancy to start, but we’ll see what I can drop into.

More strength training.

It’s centered around #OperationShoulderGetBetter – when I’m consistent with my shoulder therapy exercises and traditional weightlifting between appointments with my trainer, I don’t have nearly as many issues. But, as in the case right now, I haven’t been and I’ve been achy for the past few weeks. My hope here is to commit to my regular exercises daily (10 wall slides and 10 inchworms) and at least two weightlifting sessions per week.

Drink more water.

I know I’m lacking in the hydration department and there’s no excuse, especially with the amount I spend in a hot yoga studio. The Watterlogged app has been downloaded to my iPhone and Hans gave me a new water bottle for Christmas. I’m set up for success!

Of course, throwing this all out there is one thing. Doing it and making it stick is another. I liked these 6 ways to make them stick from USA Today: #USAnow

  1. Make changes to your behavior. 
  2. Define SMART goals. When setting targets, use the SMART acronym: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-specific. 
  3. Track your progress. 
  4. Reward small achievements. 
  5. Make it public. <—– CHECK. Thanks internet!
  6. You are human.

Funny how it’s probably that last one that I’m going to have the most trouble with. Which brings me to my last resolution:

practice anyways

Letting go of “perfect” is going to be the most difficult for me. But it’s getting in the way of so much in my life and it’s time to release control.  In the past, failing would have scared the life out of me. But in 2014, I’m ready to make some mistakes. We shall see what I can get into…

What’s one of your new year’s resolutions? Did you manage to keep your resolutions from 2013?

p.s. looking for some resolution setting inspiration? I also like this post of TED-inspired New Year’s Resolutions.  Here’s to finding the best versions of ourselves in 2014.

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