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It’s been a doozy of a week, with last night ending with this:

That’s what planning a 500 person food and wine event will do to a girl!! Let’s play catch up, shall we?

Continuing to Make Strides Against Breast Cancer for the American Cancer Society

In case you didn’t notice all the neon pink around lately, I’m here to remind you that October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month. The Gotta Love Chevy NEO American Cancer Society Making Strides Against Breast Cancer initiative is still rolling along, with a second chance for you to support the cause. For every new “like” on the Gotta Love Chevy NEO Facebook page, $1 will be donated to the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer initiative.

Also, as a thank you for everyone’s support of their October 6 Chevy test drive initiative (which raised $1350!), three lucky individuals have the chance to win makeovers from Gotta Love Chevy NEO. The prize includes hair/makeup makeovers, lunch and a personal shopping experience, so click here to enter.  Also spread the word by tweeting it up with the hashtag #like2endcancer.

#getafterit giveaway winners

Using the high-tech tool called, the following three entries won my Reebok #getafterit tee giveaway:

Congrats ladies! Please email your mailing address to poiseinparma (at) gmail (dot) com to claim your prize!

Reads From My Google Reader

For my fellow Mac users: My Essential Mac Setup from zenhabits. I’m no pro, so it helped me find some helpful stuff.

Training the Judgy Brain from the Kripalu Thrive Blog: “…the beautiful news is that we can continually shift away from the Pandora station of judgment and return to this witness consciousness.”

Football Player Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson Tries Yoga to Channel Anger from Yoga Dork. I knew I liked him. Nice Tree Pose, Chad.

Grow Soul Beautiful announced that their #YogaADay Instagram challenge will continue into November. I’m all over that one!

Big failure, big success. 12 people to keep you going. from Danielle LaPorte’s white hot truth blog. The lesson? Keep going.

Yoga for the Clevelanders This Weekend

Check out this Yoga Rocks the Vote event on Saturday, October 20th care of the folks at Yoga Rocks the Park Cleveland.

There’s also a $10 Yoga for Men workshop at Nishkama Yoga this Saturday afternoon. Get your men folk on a mat, ladies!! 

Looking for a Saturday morning class? I’m teaching at Nishkama Yoga North Olmsted at 9:30. There will be something for everyone all 90 minutes long!

What are you reading this Friday? Share it in the comments below! 

Disclaimer: Giveaway items care of my Reebok Ambassadorship with FitFluential. Making Strides Against Breast Cancer care of my “Chevy Girl” status with Gotta Love Chevy Northeast Ohio. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

I got a call from my dad this week saying that I got some mail at his house. Six years later and I’m still getting stuff there. But instead of a random advertisement, he told me that the title to my Cobalt had arrived. I completely forgot that I paid off my car last month! Shazam!

I love my Chevy. I proved that back in 2010 when I first served as a Chevy Girl on the Go by test driving their (at that time new) Chevy Cruze and documented my experiences here on PIP. And since I’m happy to go sans car payment for at least a few months, I’ll happily drive my Cobalt which has (knock on wood) been one heck of a car.

So when the Chevy Network Dealers reached out to me to help promote an upcoming promotion to benefit an important non-profit, it was a no brainer for me. Not just because I drive two of their cars – because my family has been affected by the disease that the non-profit is fighting.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In the past few years, I’ve had two aunts go through scares with the disease, and have known countless others whom have had battled it. I’m enthralled by their courage and feel inspired to help fight in whatever way I can.

Join your Chevy Network Dealers in the fight to end breast cancer. For every test drive on October 6th, Chevy will contribute $10 to the American Cancer Society Making Strides Against Breast Cancer initiative, up to $130,000, and you’ll receive a beautiful pink pashmina. 

Go for a ride, get a free scarf and give to a deserving charity? Sounds like a win-win for everyone!

Keep in touch with the initiative by following the #drive2endcancer hashtag on Twitter or by “liking” Gotta Love Chevy NEO on Facebook.

This is a sponsored post care of the Chevy Network Dealers. My thoughts and opinions are my own.

The Battle of the Chevys: Cobalt vs. Cruze

It’s crazy to think it’s been almost a week since I said goodbye to the Chevy Cruze:


(picture from Cruze specs site on

Dropping off the car at the dealer wasn’t my LAST duty as a Chevy girl. It wouldn’t have been fair to drive around in the Cruze for a month without giving a full rundown of my thoughts on the car. To help me do so, the lovely folks at Gotta Love Chevy NEO asked me the following questions on my experience:

Did driving the Chevy Cruze change your mind about owning a Chevy?  Would you put Chevy on your shopping list now?

My first car ever was one of these:

(picture source)

That would be a Chevrolet Corsica. Oh, the memories I have from driving around Parma in that car. There aren’t enough blog posts in the world, my friends.

As previously mentioned, I’m a proud Chevy owner as bought my “I’m a big girl now and have a full time job” car in 2006:


(picture from Cobalt specs site on

Interesting to think if I was making that same purchase now, I would have ended up with a Chevy Cruze! Seeing as Hans previously owned a TrailBlazer and is currently driving a HHR, it’s pretty safe to say that we’re a Chevy family!  As our family grows (don’t get excited people, there aren’t any little PIPs on the way), I foresee us trading in the Cobalt for a more “family friendly” car – perhaps a Chevy Traverse? Only time will tell!

Would you recommend the Chevy Cruze to your friends?  Did you get any feedback from your friends?

I would definitely recommend the Chevy Cruze to my friends, especially those looking to purchase their first car. As for feedback from loved ones:

  • Every single person commented on how much room they had in the Cruze. My friends and family were surprised by the amount of space in the interior – both front and back seat areas – compared to my Cobalt.
  • My passengers appreciated the heated seats, although the powerful Cruze got really hot very quickly! Make sure to adjust your thermostats accordingly people!
  • The placement of the lock & unlock buttons on the main console (under the radio & heating displays, instead of on each door) was not my favorite feature placement. I’m a bit OCD when leaving my car, wanting to hit the lock button on my way out as well as hitting the key ring lock button. I missed having the locking function on the actual car door.
  • My brother loved the XM, especially all the news channel live feeds.
  • Surprisingly, I get better gas mileage in my Cobalt compared to the Cruze. In the Cruze, I averaged just under 24 miles per gallon. In the Cobalt, I average 27 MPG. I have no explanation for it – just noting it for you, interested reader.

What were the three best things about your Chevy vehicle in order of importance?

  1. The hands-free Bluetooth: as I described in my Keep Your Hands On The Wheel & Off Your Phone post, I fell in love with this feature. I don’t think I can go back to talking on the phone while driving without it.
  2. The amount of cargo space and trunk opening gap: The best improvement on this end of things is the gap opening of the trunk. The Cruze’s gap is SO MUCH BIGGER than the Cobalt’s. I could actually fit much larger objects in the Cruze because I had the opening to get them in the trunk. Check out my Girls Gotta Shop post for the video on just how much room I had back there!
  3. The heated seats: December in Cleveland equals the start of a cold, long winter. While I loved how speedy the seats headed up, I actually found Another Use For My Cruze’s Heated Seats when I fell on an icy patch of sidewalk – it was like having a built-in heating pad in the car!

Want to know what other features I really enjoyed? Check out my posts over at the Gotta Love Chevy NEO blog on all the features the Cruze has to offer:

Make sure to “like” Gotta Love Chevy NEO on Facebook to keep tabs on all the future Chevy girls & their adventures around the CLE!

Again, a HUGE thank you to the Northeastern Ohio Area Chevy Dealers for an amazing experience. The entire PIP family thanks you for a rockin’ month in the Chevy Cruze!

Disclosure: The Gotta Love Chevy NEO program is being sponsored by Northeastern Ohio Area Chevy Dealers . They gave me a 2011 Chevy Cruze to test drive for one month and blog about my experience. Through this program, I was asked to complete missions, and was provided with gift cards to do so. My thoughts and opinions are my own.

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