TODAY — How to Find Your Blog’s Focus & Avoid Blogger Burn Out Webinar with PR Newswire

As a former theatre major, it’s no wonder I’ve taken on “know your audience” as a mantra in many aspects of my life. So when my friends at PR Newswire asked me to partake in an upcoming webinar around the topic of Why Audience Is Key To Your Blogging Success, I was all in to discuss how it applies to blogging… even though I still can’t believe I’ve been running this site for as long as I have. (Amazing to think that this blog is now four and a half years old!)

PR Newswire

During TODAY’s “Going the Distance: How to Find Your Blog’s Focus and Avoid Blogger Burn Out” webinar, our moderator/fearless leader @ADHicken, guest presenter @MoninaW and I will cover:

  • Tips and tools that can help you structure your blogging around your audience
  • How to consistently create fresh content and avoid running out of ideas
  • The importance of providing clear and helpful calls to action

Register for the webinar here. It’s happening TODAY at 1PM EST!

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it’s time for a change (an update on an evolving career)

My yoga practice and teaching path might have started elsewhere, but it made its new home here last twelve months ago.

In the fall of 2012, I returned to full time employment. With going from freelancing back to a full-time job, concern worried me. How would I fit in a regular practice to this 40+ hour a week schedule? But then I got word that Evolution Yoga announced it was reopening  – and in the same plaza as my full time job — it felt like the Universe was opening up to say, “no worries, Alicia — here’s a vinyasa yoga studio and enjoy.”

In October 2013, the studio opened and I had the opportunity to audition to join the teaching staff.  I dove right in, picking up two classes on the regular schedule, trying to learn as much as I could from Sandy, the studio owner, and the other EY teachers. This new community accepted me with open arms as my previous yoga home closed it doors, allowing me to thrive in this new-to-me setting.

The past twelve months have been a journey in understanding myself: as a teacher, as a student, as a wife, a daughter, a sister and a friend. But in all of it, a few things kept me focused:

  • A deep down desire to serve others.
  • A need to make more space in my life for positive energies.
  • A want for more opportunities to grow my yoga career while utilizing the skills I developed an event planner and community builder.
  • A goal of accepting myself for exactly who I am.

But to do all of that, I had to change. And DRASTICALLY. It was crystal clear that it was time to do what was necessary to achieve what I wanted to become.  And lucky for me, the community surrounding me was there to help make it happen.

This month, I start as the Director of Development for Evolution Yoga School & Practice Space. I’ll be able to use all the skills I’ve learned so far in my professional career to help the business thrive. This new role also gives me the opportunity to grow as a yoga teacher (including adding more classes to my teaching schedule!) – something I’ve dedicated myself to for the past year.  I’m so excited to dig in.

To Sandy and the entire EY community: thank you for welcoming twelve months ago with open arms. You’re all about to get a lot more hugs, savasana assists and playlists filled with John Mayer slow jams.

File this one in the #whatyoubelieveyoucreate folder, kids – sankuplas (and dreams) do come true.

So maybe do me a favor if you haven’t already? Like Evolution Yoga on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter at @EvoYogaCLE and Instagram at @evolution_yoga. Visit the studio’s website to learn more & check out our MINDBODY page to see the schedule of classes.

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Healing Hands for Arthritis

As an employee of the Arthritis Foundation, Great Lakes Region, Northeastern Ohio market, I’m constantly in awe of the generous donors that come forward with unique ways to support of our organization and its constituents.  And this week, we have a very special way for those with arthritis to really benefit first hand. Once again, the Arthritis Foundation is partnering with Massage Envy for Healing Hands for Arthritis Day.


On Wednesday, September 18, The Arthritis Foundation is pleased to be able to offer its constituents who suffer from arthritis a massage at Massage Envy for FREE!  Massage Envy also will donate $10 of every massage or facial and 10% of all products sold at Massage Envy Clinics to the Arthritis Foundation, with a goal of raising $1,000,000 across the country.

Massage therapy can play an important role in alleviating the pain and swelling caused by arthritis, improving flexibility and circulation and reducing stress and anxiety - plus who wouldn’t love an hour of peace and quiet in their day?

Here are the requirements for a FREE massage:

  • You have arthritis and would benefit from a massage
  • You are not currently a Massage Envy member
  • You can claim your massage on Wednesday, September 18 - Healing Hands for Arthritis Day
  • Reservations will be on a first-come, first- served basis

Other information:

  • The value of the free massage is $78
  • Tipping is not required, but it would be a nice gesture; $10 to $15 would be appropriate
  • It will take a total of 60 minutes (50 minutes on the table, 5 minutes before for a consultation and 5 minutes afterwards to get dressed)

To book your appointment:

  • Call one of the clinics listed below and tell the staff person that the Arthritis Foundation referred you for a free massage for Healing Hands for Arthritis Day on Wednesday, September 18
  • Staff person will ask for a credit card number to reserve your appt. but will not charge anything
  • The number of donated services are limited and will vary by location.  If the clinic closest to you does not have any services available, you can go on a wait list, as the clinic continues to work to identify additional appointments, or you can ask for availability at another location
  • Please be aware that being placed on the wait list does not hold an appointment for you

Participating locations include:

  • AVON: 35825 Detroit Rd, Avon, OH 44011 - (440) 937-0877
  • BEACHWOOD – ACROSS FROM VILLAGE SQUARE: 27520 Chagrin Boulevard, Beachwood, OH  44122 - (216)464-3689
  • BEACHWOOD – AT LA PLACE: 2101 Richmond Road, Beachwood, OH 44122 - (216) 593-0140
  • BELDEN VILLAGE: 4470 Everhard Rd., Canton, OH 44718 – (330) 526-0444
  • FAIRLAWN: 3265 W. Market St. Summit Mall, Fairlawn, OH 44333 - (330) 867-ENVY (3689)
  • STRONGSVILLE: 6 Southpark Center, Strongsville, OH 44136 - (440) 878-0500
  • WESTLAKE: 30307 Detroit Road, Westlake, OH 44145 - (440) 808-8000

Those who cannot attend can still donate $10 by texting the word “massage” to 80888 from Wednesday, September 18th through Friday, September 20th.

If you have any questions and live in the Northeastern Ohio area, please contact or 216.285.2826. Or leave a comment below and I’ll try to get an answer for you.

So do us a favor: spread the word about this opportunity for those with arthritis to get a bit of ease through a wonderful opportunity from Massage Envy!

Disclosure: I work full-time at the Arthritis Foundation, Great Lakes Region, Northeastern Ohio market. Sharing this information is not part of my job responsibilities. My thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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