My Interview on the Delivering Strength Podcast is LIVE!

It is turning into a busy week (keeps me out of trouble, ha!) and all for great reasons! I’m looking forward to a jam packed weekend with plenty of events to attend, host and enjoy (more info including recaps to come in the upcoming days!), but today I’m popping in to share a pretty neat opportunity I had with an old friend with a new-ish podcast.

Candace Gesicki, D.C., and Anna Marie Murphy began the Delivering Strength Podcast to be more than just a podcast. They see it as part of a bigger movement to empower women to seek out the information necessary to have an informed birth. Through their podcast, Candace and Anna Marie hope to educate and empower women to become their own biggest advocates in their health journey. They interview women’s health experts to discuss important topics of today and also look to others to be a part of their movement… and that’s where I come in!

They recently began sharing women’s birth stories on the podcast and asked me to share mine. While I shared a very abbreviated version here on the blog, it felt like the perfect opportunity to dig in a bit deeper around a topic that needs to be talked about — managing anxiety before, during and after pregnancy.

Listen to my interview on the Delivering Strength Podcast here (also available on on iTunes, Stitcher & Google Play)

Keep up to date with the Delivering Strength Podcast via their website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Thank you again to Anna Marie and Candace for allowing me to share my story on their podcast!

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