my weekend out & about in #CLE (the Brewnuts edition)

After more than a decade of marriage, I know the ways to my husband’s heart and two of them are donuts and LeBron James. You see, my loved one is one of the biggest fans of the King around (I have proof via stories upon stories to prove it), so when I heard that local donut makers, Brewnuts, was celebrating LeBron’s birthday including specialty donuts, I knew it was time for our first visit to their Gordon Square location.

What really got Hans there that day? When I told him that they were playing game 7 of the 2016 NBA finals on their big screens. (Even though we have all seven games saved on our DVR at home.)

After a glancing at their menu and asking the very kind Brewnuts staffer way too many questions, we placed our order:

We settled on two of the LBJ inspired donuts: the Wine & Gold, a yeast-raised donut with a red wine glaze and gold stripe, and the Black Out: a donut made with activated charcoal plus buttercream filling and a chocolate glaze. They were both well received by everyone in our family, even though the Black Out was a bit on the messy side with all that delicious buttercream! Hans complemented his meal with a Sibling Revelry Brewery Pecan Brown Ale as I sipped on a Phoenix Coffee blend.

Not pictured: our one year old CRUSHING the Wine & Gold donut and chugging her bottle all over Brewnuts

Pro Tip: You GOTTA check out the fun decor choices made by the Brewnuts team. Please forward all my mail to their ladies’ restroom… IT HAS FLAMINGO WALLPAPER, PEOPLE. I’ll be here if you need me.

You can take the girl out of Parma…

LONG STORY SHORT: Don’t wait as long as we did to make the trip to West 65th and Detroit to get your hands on one of their dones. If you’re lucky, they’ll be celebrating another holiday of sorts! Like I need an excuse to eat donuts though…

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