#CLEfood: eating around Ohio City including The Cleveland Flea & Ohio City Provisions

As you can see, a happy baby makes for a happy weekend! How was yours?  This little stinker and I had quite the fun few days and yesterday was extra enjoyable as we visited Ohio City – along with Grandma (AKA my mom) – for a morning of culinary exploring at a few fun options…

We started by making our monthly visit to The Cleveland Flea. In case you didn’t hear, the Flea has taken over the old Unique / Pick-N-Pay building on Lorain Avenue for their winter home. This past weekend was their November Flea, but it will also be hosting their Friendsgiving Flea, December Flea and December Makers Market between now and the end of the year in the space.

I will admit that what got me to the Flea was the lure of the City Girl Donuts I kept seeing all over social media…

…put when placed next to Cleveland Field Kitchen‘s menu promising From-Stratch-Made Chicken Pot Pie, my pie crust loving heart is easily swayed.

Us trio of gals shared the pie and we were pretty pleased with its combo of flaky crust and flavorful filling. Somehow though my mother was reading my mind, commenting how she hadn’t made hers in a long time, followed by my secret wishing of her baking it soon!

After a lap around the vendor stands, we visited the Spice Kitchen + Bar booth. In another case of I-see-it-on-the-menu-and-I-have-to-order-it, we were splitting one of their Smoked Turkey Sandwiches.

I really enjoyed the combination of the baguette, juicy turkey, field greens, apple cranberry relish and roasted garlic aioli. Grandma and Baby B agreed!

From the Flea, we walked over to Ohio City Provisions – half butcher, half grocery, all local and PLENTY of items to choose from:

I had been wanting to stop by for awhile and my mom had a friend recently suggest their meat products, so it was meant to be as a part of our CLE food excursion that Sunday! Their staff was so helpful, they made it incredible easy to select something from their wide array of offerings.

An Ohio City Provisions fun fact: the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo tigers are BIG fans of their products — they love the OCP beef so much, the zookeepers have rearranged the food budget to make room for their high quality offerings!

So that was our Sunday morning out and about in Ohio City… where did your travels take you this weekend?

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