Happy Birthday, Brenna!

That beautiful little girl – our sweet Baby B – turned the big O N E this weekend. Amazing, isn’t it, how fast life can change? Sure, a year is a good chunk of time where a lot can happen over the course of those twelve months, but it all happens so quickly that it often feels like a blur. I’m still trying to figure out how we got from that November Saturday night at Fairview Hospital when our beautiful baby girl arrived in our lives to this past Sunday in our new home filled with so many loved ones celebrating Brenna’s first year.

Our family has come a long way in those 365 days. B’s becoming such a smart, strong and sweet little girl. Hans has found a way to be an even more amazing father than I knew he would be. And me – I’ve somehow found myself in our new normal. To say I was terrified of becoming a mother is an understatement, and yet somehow I’ve become more confident in this whole “motherhood” experience along the way — even though the hashtag #ihavenoideawhatimdoing is still true 90% of the time.

As for the fuzzier members of the family, they’re embracing their little sister… sloppy kisses and all.

Photos by Dale McDonald Photographer. More photos from B’s one year photo shoot coming soon!

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