Yoga + Beer at Platform Brewing Co. (PLUS my next two yoga classes!)

Have I mentioned lately how much I missed teaching yoga?…

…specifically classes with time to hang out with my students and enjoy a beverage after?

Last Saturday’s Yoga + Beer at Platform Brewing Co. was such a blast. Teaching in a new venue is always an interesting challenge for me, especially one outdoors. I learned a lot about sequencing (yoga teachers note: avoid low lunges on cement), holding space for all attendees and laughing at myself as old skills come back to me (at one point I said, “is this my right or left hand?”). The best part — we raised money for the Arthrits Foundation, got to enjoy some delicious brews and found out our bagel sandwiches featured Cleveland Bagel Co. bagels. (#YAAAASSSSS)

from @kb093’s Instagram

While part of me misses teaching in a studio on the regular, there’s something incredibly special about taking the show on the road with these yoga events and making fun memories like these!

Speaking of, I have two yoga opportunities coming up in the next handful of days — the yoga is just getting going! One is another fundraiser for the Arthritis Foundation, another is me bringing back everyone’s favorite combo… hope to see you on the mat, friends!


…and every other Sunday after // REGISTER HERE


A fundraiser for the Arthritis Foundation // REGISTER HERE

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