Baby B & Me: Learning How to Swim at Goldfish Swim School

I remember one specific dog walk with Hans while I was pregnant last year. We were throwing around ideas of what our baby girl would be interested in, in what activities she would partake. And if she will be anything like I was as a kid, I’m already terrified of the potential after-school extra-curricular schedule she’ll have, ha! But I know one activity we’ve already started and couldn’t imagine it not being a part of our lives: swim lessons at Goldfish Swim School

Hans and I been taking our baby Brenna to swim lessons at the Fairview Park Goldfish Swim School location since the end of March. Goldfish welcomes swimmers as young as four months of age so we took that opportunity when she turned four months earlier that month to get our little one in the water. Many were surprised that we were starting her in classes so young, but it’s the perfect chance to get them accustomed to the water at an early age.

I found it incredibly easy to get signed up for our Saturday morning sessions. A quick phone call with the Fairview Park staff to review the several days and times available for Brenna’s class level and we were scheduled to start that weekend. We all dove right in (figuratively!), arriving for our first class at their brightly colored and extremely clean facility. Brenna was all about it from class number one!

WHAT BRENNA LOVED: Brenna took to the water immediately (not a single tear was shed, hurrah!), although she seemed a bit uninterested in the activities at first. That would quickly change as she started to recognize regularly used items like Bubbles, Goldfish’s mascot, pictured above!  Brenna’s favorite activity by far was the Waterfall of Balls, which allowed us to retrieve brightly colored balls from around our designated lane. B figured out how snag more than one at a time, which always brought a smile to her face! She also LOVED the ribbons her teacher gave out for Water Safety Days!

WHAT HANS LOVED: Hans really appreciated our instructor, Angel, and her enthusiasm for teaching. Every Saturday, Angel would joyfully greet Brenna, even incorporating her and the other kids’ names into the songs of the class. Angel was always incredibly helpful, sharing tips along the way with parents to help the babies acclimate to the water faster. Hans’ favorite class activity? Sitting Brenna on the duck-shaped float which taught Baby B independence in the water. So sweet!

WHAT I LOVED: I adored the routine that our Goldfish Swim School classes provided to our family during a very hectic time in our lives. Being two full time working parents with an infant and two dogs was calamitous enough — then we decided to put our house on the market. Selling it in less than a week meant we were immediately then house hunting! With having so much pulling us in so many directions, I was grateful to have swim lessons to refocus us each weekend. Whether I was in the water with Brenna or watching from the viewing area, my attention was fully on her — no distractions, no to-do lists, no worries. Just pure fun! My favorite activity? I loved singing along with all the songs during class! “This is the way we kick our feet, kick our feet, kick our feet…”

And now, after two plus months of Goldfish Swim School classes and with summer upon us, our little fishy is ready for summer at the pool! We had a couple opportunities already to put her swim lesson skills to practice — one at Cedar Point Shores and the other in our own backyard — and she was happy as a clam to be back in the water again!

You can tell by that happy baby face that we’ve got one special little swimmer on our hands. I could have never imagined Brenna being so ready for water activities at such a young age! I can’t wait to not only continue lessons but also introduce her to future pools, splash pads and water activities later this summer. That wouldn’t have been a possibility without the confidence and skills she learned during her classes at Goldfish this Spring, so I owe a very special thank you to our teacher Angel, manager Mike and the entire team at the Fairview Park location!

Stay in touch with Goldfish Swim School‘s Northeast Ohio locations via their Facebook pages: Fairview ParkCleveland East Side and Hudson. You can also find them on Twitter and Instagram! You can find the closest location to you here at their website.

Disclosure: This post was made possible by Goldfish Swim School. The company offered my daughter complimentary swim lessons in exchange for my honest feedback about our experience. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. Renee says:

    This post brought back such fun memories of when we participated in Goldfish’s infant classes. My son’s favorite activity was also chasing after those colorful balls! We’re now in the middle of our third year of perpetual classes and I still treasure that “offline” time where we all focus on swim skills. Your daughter’s smile says it all!

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