my weekend out & about in #CLE (The Cleveland Flea edition)

How do my weekdays look these days, you ask? Wake up, work, family time before and after, SO MUCH TIME breastfeeding/pumping throughout the day, dog walk, SLEEP GLORIOUS SLEEP.

But the weekends? AH, SATURDAY AND SUNDAY. You glorious couple, you. You are amazing together, but I have to admit my favorite is the former. And when the weather breaks in Northeast Ohio, Saturdays, once a month in Cleveland, are dedicated towards one, always fun good time:  The Cleveland Flea.

In case by chance you’re not already familiar, The Cleveland Flea considers itself “Part urban treasure hunt. Part culinary adventure. Part maker center.” (source) Since the organizers are always making slight changes to improve the event every month, there’s always something new to expect every time you attend. Sometimes it’s a new vendor, sometimes it’s a new bite to eat, sometimes it’s a new friend you meet. So imagine my delight when this month’s Flea landed onthe same weekend as Mother’s Day. And when Hans’ asked me what I wanted to do for my first motherly celebration, I said “Let’s Flea!”

Here are some of my favorite moments from the last Flea this past Saturday…

Because we typically go around 11-ish, I’m almost ALREADY hungry for lunch, so I gravitated for the Bomba Tacos & Rum station. Tacos and guac will never do you wrong.

Also on the taco train, Hans found his in tuna form at the Beachcomber Truck. Very tasty!

I was absolutely lusting over these HLOS globes. If their stand wasn’t SO FULL with fellow Flea shoppers, I could have bought every one of them!

 I have a vision for my next kitchen and it involves a ridiculous number of succulents. I’m going to Little White Barn Co. when I’m ready to purchase them all. How cute are these?!

I’m also on a HARDCORE calligraphy kick right now, so I adored all of Natterdoodle‘s pieces. (p.s. anyone know anyone giving calligraphy these days?!)

The Flea Wall is so eye catching, so colorful, it just draws you in and calls for a mini photo shoot with your Flea family! (Hashtag your future photos with #fleawall.)

And moments not pictured:

  • Saying HELLO! and catching up with fellow local event profs, McPherson Events & Design.
  • Losing Hans for about fifteen minutes to the many t-shirt sales at the HOMAGE stand.
  • A brief stop at The Wandering Wardrobe truck in hopes I could buy my Mama Bear t-shirt in person. Next time!

LONG STORY SHORT: If you haven’t Flea-ed, you haven’t lived, at least in terms of fully understanding what the latest and greatest in food, arts, crafts and imagination are in and around CLE. Follow the Flea on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and visit their website for more info. Save-the-date for the next Flea on Saturday, June 10th. I’m sure we’ll see you down there then!

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  1. Natalie says:

    Thanks for featuring Natterdoodle! And if you’re looking for creative lettering workshops, I’m your girl! I have one upcoming in Canton in July and one in August in Lakewood! 🙂

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