#ProperBertmanBBQ with Bertman Original Ball Park Mustard at The Proper Pig Smokehouse

Happy Indians home opener, everyone! Someone at work called today a Cleveland holiday, and so what’s on my mind like during every other holiday? FOOD. Which brings me to a recent fun food experience that happened to revolve around a pretty popular condiment of choice on a baseball filled day like today…

The kind folks from Bertman Original Ball Park Mustard invited me and some fellow Cleveland bloggers to The Proper Pig Smokehouse to check out how their products could be used inside and outside the bun. Any chance I have to enjoy one of my favorite local eats at a new restaurant I haven’t been to, I’m down for!

My hands would have been both normally full with all those eats pictured above, which included:

  • a Texas hot link topped with Great Lakes Brewing Company Dortmumder Gold Beer Mustard
  • potato salad with their classic ball park mustard — my personal favorite!
  • Proper Pig’s brisket, again using Bertman’s Ball Park Mustard, this time as a rub
  • a tub of Cleveland Kraut to top everything with accordingly
  • PICKLES. (I swear I’m not pregnant again.)

…but something — someone — had my hands occupied otherwise!

My baby Brenna had other ideas when we arrived (LATE, UGH, I hate myself) for our meal with Bertman’s team, the Proper Pig family and fellow bloggers WhyCLE, Ohio Festivals and Cleveland Chick. But we eventually settled in and I got to eating with my left hand as my right arm held B. Luckily, BBQ is a casual affair and no one seemed to mind, although Brenna was trying to get in on the action. She may have started eating baby food, but she’s going to have to wait a bit for these tasty treats!

Next up was Proper Pig’s beef rib, that was cut table side and also rubbed with Bertman’s mustard plus Pig’s own blend of spices.

Their suggested pairing with this cut of meat? Bertman’s Horseradish Sauce. YES PLEASE.

Everything I ate that evening was absolutely delicious, full of flavor and had that perfect reminder that we were enjoying a bit of Bertman’s in every bite. The only course lacking some mustard? The dessert course of Proper Pig’s banana pudding. That bit of sweet after all that savory was the perfect end to our meal.

Since we were approaching my little girl’s bedtime, Brenna and I had to head out before the evening officially ended, but we had the opportunity to take home an array of Bertman’s products to enjoy in our own home:

My next kitchen to-do? To see how we can think outside the bun in the near future. For today, we’re thinking inside of it: you already know what my mustard of choice was on my lunch time hot dog this afternoon! Can’t go wrong with a LOT of Bertman’s Ball Park Mustard!  Thank you again to the great group at Bertman for the invitation to enjoy their products, and our appreciation to Proper Pig for the hospitality and good eats!

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Bertman Original Ball Park Mustard. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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