#CLE Style: Universal Architect’s Yoga Inspired Monthly Intention Shirt Club

New mom confession: If you spend a lot of time with me (read: Hans and my co-workers), you’ll find I’m wearing the same pieces a lot these days. Mostly because I’m in postpartum clothing limbo. My old stuff doesn’t fit (yet! #whatyoubelieveyoucreate) and I’m short on time (and patience!) to go shopping for new stuff. So it’s time I start getting creative and letting some of my favorite designers do the work for me! Case in point: Universal Architect and their Yoga Inspired Monthly Intention Shirt Club.

The Universal Architect Yoga Inspired Monthly Intention Shirt Club is the official Intention Shirt Club for Universal Architect, a hip clothing line out of the Canton area. By becoming a member of the UA shirt club, you get an exclusive, one-of-a-kind tank or tee every month. It’s like a magazine subscription, but better! The design is only revealed when you open your shirt in the mail. These unique shirts will not be available for purchase outside of a membership to the Club.

When I opened my package, I was pleasantly surprised to first come across that adorable, black swing tote. I love how thoughtful intention is apart of all of UA’s designs!

What do I love about this shirt? It’s bold color combo of two very popular colors (I will never get enough of that seafoam-y green), its texture (soft but still high quality where you know it won’t fall apart) and its cut (ain’t nobody got time for a female cut shirt when you’re working on minimizing your postpartum belly, ha!)

The shirt club is only $22 per month plus the cost of shipping and handling ($3.95). You can sign up between the 15th & 15th of each month. Shirts will be shipped the following week! (So, for example, anyone who signs up between Feb 15 and March 15th will be eligible for March’s shirt.) 

SIGN UP at universal-architect.com/shirt-club today!

Stay in touch with Universal Architect by checking out their website including their many other designs available online for purchase, as well as their feeds on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

My friends at Universal Architect kindly offered me a monthly shipment of their latest shirt club offering and tote bag. I did not receive financial compensation for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own — I’m truly excited to share this product with you! Images c/o Universal Architect.

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