It’s here! {my due date — not the baby, yet…}

Well, here we are, kids: happy due date to me! And to that kid in my belly: here’s your reminder that it’s time to come out now!

When we found out I was pregnant way back in mid-February, the end of October seem like light years away. Everyone tells you how fast nine months flies by when you’re working on that whole creation of life thing, but I’ll admit that there were moments where I felt like this day would never get here — first trimester nausea and exhaustion, anyone?

I remember saying to Hans this Spring that I wanted to take advantage of the time and do as much as we could. All our out-and-about Cleveland bucket list items got their check marks: yogaingapple picking, pumpkin patching, all the hiking and gluten eating you could image. Our trip to the original Antonio’s was a particular tasty opportunity that pregnancy allotted me!

Since you never know when they are going to make their grand appearance, we got it all in by the end of September so I could keep my month of October as open as possible. What it got filled with was plenty of nesting and a venture into learning what can naturally induce labor. I still credit my overall wellness during the entire pregnancy to my two mile daily walks with Frank, so keeping moving hasn’t been an issue. (Our plans for this weekend? Find the hilliest trail in all of the Metroparks and hike it out.) And luckily for me, all those foods that are to move things along are favorites of mine in the first place. The more pineapple, raspberry tea and spicy foods, the better!

Foods to induce labor naturally

We are anxious to meet our little girl, but I’ve been soaking up these last moments as she’s provided them to us. I never imagined getting to my due date, so it’s really been a gift to be able to tie up all our loose ends and be as prepared as we can be for her to arrive. We know she’ll be here by a week from today, so the moments of quiet are limited. They’re getting filled with cuddles from our pups now…

world series game 2 golden retreiver

…but all my boys will have to make some room: there’s a new girl coming to town who’s gotta be ready to meet her puppy brothers and the rest of her family. So come on out, Baby H — the #HansenExpansion of 2016 just isn’t complete without you!

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