the time we met the Property Brothers (a Cleveland Home and Remodeling Show recap)

On Saturday, it felt like I gained two extra brothers at the Cleveland Home + Remodeling Expo. Two very tall, hilarious and incredibly kind brothers:

Property Brothers meet and greet

Yes, those are THEE Property Brothers — Drew Scott (far left) and Jonathan Scott (far right) — not to be confused with my brother, Drew (second from the right).

When the kind folks from the Cleveland Home + Remodeling Expo reached out to me about helping to promote this year’s event at the FirstMerit Convention Center of Cleveland on the blog, I had to take a chance in asking if I could bring my own brother for the chance of a meet and greet with the Property Brothers. After the show’s organizers saw the side by side comparison of Drew Scott and my brother Drew, they too agreed it was the perfect opportunity to bring them together!

Those lucky enough to have VIP Meet and Greet access met up in advance of Drew and Jonathan’s 1pm presentation on the expo’s Main Stage. I was extra lucky to have fellow CLE blogger Charity from there as well! The bit of time we waited as the “special guests” were “in transit” flew by as I caught up with Charity. Before we knew it, the show’s team escorted our group over to a new room where the guests of honor were awaiting us.

Property Brothers collage

from left to right: welcoming the crowd into the room; a blogger/brother selfie; the brothers taking questions

Now I’ve been watching their television shows for a long time, but I managed to learn a few things  about the duo that day:

1) The Property Brothers are REALLY tall. Like 6’4″ and 6’5″ tall. My brother and I were blessed with height, but these guys managed to make both Drew and I look petite. The angle I took this very funny photo of the Drews staring down Jonathan — his idea! — made my Drew look so much shorter than he actually is!

Property Brothers Drew Drew and Jonathan

2) Drew and Jonathan are most definitely brothers. From the jokes, the jabs, the sometimes goofy nature, you can tell they really enjoy working together. Like a comedy team that has been working together for decades (I mean, they are twins after all), they anticipated each other’s next move and next word. It made you feel like you were one of the Property Brothers siblings yourself!

3) There’s a third Property Brother! While he wasn’t with them that day, Jonathan and Drew have another brother named J.D. who is a part of their production company, handing their digital content and more behind-the-scenes work.

4) Jonathan and Drew were eager to meet their fans. They welcomed us into the meet and greet room, wanting to meet everyone, take photos and answer as many questions as they could. They even answered my question about their Food Network holiday special and which foods gave them most trouble. (Their answers? Frosting and fondant!)

5) The Property Brothers would be more than happy to come shoot some episodes of their shows here in Cleveland, but they noted that those interested much click on over to the show’s casting website and submit their story. The brothers noted how the Cleveland area has plenty of houses in need of their help!

Property Brothers Live

After the VIP Meet and Greet, our group headed over to the Main Stage area (and our front row seats!) to enjoy the brothers’ presentation to a huge Cleveland crowd. After their hour long presentation filled with useful real estate and home design tips, the Property Brothers stayed for a public meet and greet (that they extended from one to two hours — how nice are they!) before having to catch a flight back out of town. Before closing out the presentation, they shared how Cleveland is the kindest city they’ve been to (including a “I’m not just saying that!” disclaimer) and they can’t wait to come back in the future to be able to explore and get to know Northeastern Ohio better.

Yet my favorite part of the day: see not only that both brothers clicked over and liked my Instagram photos from the meet and greet, Drew even left a comment… then deleted that comment to correct his phone’s autocorrect of trying to make “Drews” plural with an apostrophe.

Property Brothers Instagram

See — I knew we were cut from the same cloth. Friends don’t let friends use apostrophes to make names plural.

Many thanks to the Cleveland Home and Remodeling Expo for the wonderful opportunity to attend the expo and meet the Property Brothers. To Drew and Jonathan Scott, I appreciate your kindness, time and energy. Next time you come to Cleveland, Drew and I will have you over for a family meal… and maybe a remodel of my kitchen…

Disclosure: In exchange for sharing info about/providing a giveaway from the 2016 Cleveland Home and Remodeling Expo, I was invited to attend this event with a guest. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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