when I #fallinlovewithyoga (or why I take yoga selfies)

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If you follow me on Instagram (highly suggested if you like pictures of golden retrievers, food and the topic of this post), you might have noticed my participation in the #fallinlovewithyoga photo challenge lead by a collective of popular yogis. Each day, @kathrynbudig @amyippoliti @tjhark @laurasykora & @yogabeyond took turns sharing the daily prompt – not centered around a specific pose, but an idea – an affirmation even.

I’ve tried various other photo-a-day style challenges, but this one specifically spoke to me – as you’ll see in the photos that came out of the past ten days:

fallinlove 1 and 2

Day One: feeling beautiful in one-legged king pigeon ♦ Day Two: love to teach half moon

fallinlove 3 and 4

Day Three: strong in bound extended side angle pose ♦ Day Four: heart happy in reverse warrior

fall in love 5and6

Day Five: with someone special in crow pose ♦ Day Six: {I’m}possible in runningman.

fall in love 7and8

Day Seven: tell a story in the flow ♦ Day Eight: #nostretchypants in standing mermaid

fallinlove 9 and 10

Day Nine: supporting a cause in wild thing  ♦ Day Ten: summarizing (& reflecting) in easy pose

Even the NYTimes.com investigated this trend awhile back. So why did this Instagram challenge stick for me – and why do I share these things on the internet?

It was my yoga practice for the past ten days. I hate to use the excuse that I’ve been “busy” but just look at the definition (c/o Google):  having a great deal to do.  When you’re planning a 500+ person food and wine event, the to-do list IS never-ending.  To be honest, there were several tasks I didn’t get to – I had to learn how to accept that and let go of those things.

Throughout my event planning career, I’ve instituted a two-week-workout rule: I won’t pressure myself into any expectations of keeping my normal fitness routine 14 days before an event. Sure, I’ve been to a few 90-minute vinyasa sessions on the weekends and an appointment with my personal trainer for my shoulder therapy since, but my normal weekday routine was out of the question. That routine helps me stay balanced so I needed something to keep me “in the middle”.

While yoga is much more than the physical asanas, this challenge was my commitment to keeping me connected to my yoga practice – or what it looked like in a “real world” scenario.  That act of stopping to take a photo forced me to slow down, to stop thinking in a multi-tasking matter, and be uber present for a few moments. That’s what happens at an actual studio class – yes, for a longer amount of time – but in times of necessary efficiency, you take what you can get (which one day meant going back into the photo archives when I couldn’t get the idea of booking a vacation out of my head).  Taking a photo took only a few moments but turned out to be some of the most valuable ones each day.

And while many Instagramming yogis out there have uber, beautiful advanced physical capabilities, I wanted to show some of the poses I love – in the body that I’m learning to love.  The more that I can accept my physical practice – the hyper-mobility, my lingering shoulder injury, these crazy long arms, my confused hip flexors – the easier it becomes to progress forward.

Not just in my body – but in every part of my practice.

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2 thoughts on “when I #fallinlovewithyoga (or why I take yoga selfies)

  1. Alyssa

    Hey girl! I wanna do this challenge! Where did it originate? I need to get back to my practice and love how you’re doing it to keep connected. Good for you!


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