Vlog-A-Week: you are responsible for your own experience

A late Vlog-A-Week edition – luckily I consider Monday to be the start of the week!  This time, I talk about the statement of “you are responsible for your own experience”  (and again get photo bombed several times by a certain Golden Retriever).

If you’re a pup lover, I promise the last few seconds will make you smile.

When negative thoughts overcome you, how to do you fight them off to focus on the positive?


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  1. Jen @ Why CLE? says:

    Crankopotamus and Grady tail chasing?! This is clearly your best blog ever. Also, I couldn’t agree with the message more. It’s really hard not to let stuff drag you down sometimes, but remembering that you’re in control of how you handle not-so-good news and you’re in control of what you choose to focus on are such needed reminders!

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