Vlog-A-Week: balancing yoga and running

In this week’s Vlog-A-Week, I answer a question from fellow fit blogger, Heidi at BananaBuzzBomb.com. As she starts to dive into a yoga practice, she asked how to better balance her yoga with her running.

Help a girl out: how do you balance your physical activities – be it yoga and running, hiking and Pilates, kickboxing and strength training – or any other combo you embrace?

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  1. Jill (Lady Lazarus) says:

    Excellent advice and I fully agree! I love using Sun Salutations as warm ups or cool downs and I’m lucky in that my studio knows me very well and if I have a Saturday morning race that conflicts with my usual class, I’ll go to the Friday afternoon class and they’ll do poses that help open my body up and prepare it for the race the next day.

    Yoga really is a fantastic cross training option for runners.

  2. Jack Sh*t says:

    Here’s my question… my wife says that me sitting cross-legged on the floor doing suduko puzzles isn’t actually yoga. Is she right (please say no, please say no, please say no).

  3. jobo says:

    You are so smart my friend, you have learned SO much from your yoga practice, and I love what you have to say about balancing running with yoga – and complementary exercises to do for running the days leading into a longer run etc. I am impressed 🙂

  4. Christine @ Love, Life, Surf says:

    Great vlog Alicia! I used to always think that in order to incorporate yoga into my schedule, it had to be 90 vinyasa class whereas really, it can just be a series of sun salutations or a half hour at home practice. But I have been thinking about this more and more lately because my body craves yoga but I also want to run and lift, etc. Thanks for the tips!

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