word-full wednesday: welcome to The Oak Barrel


A scene…

Me:  “Hi, I’m meeting some friends here… it’s going to be five ladies…”
Hostess:  “For a book club?”
Me:   “Um, no… we’re more of a wine club…”
Hostess:   “hmmmm, no one here like that quite yet.”
Me:  “Oh, okay. So how about I just get a table for five in the bar area then…”
Hostess:   “Are you with a group of all males?”
Me:  “Um, definitely no…”

<end scene>

How did I go from being a librarian to being a escort in a few sentences?

The more important thoughts from our evening out at The Oak Barrel:
  • Duck fat popcorn is just as fabulous as it sounds.
  • Gluten free dining is easy on Taco Tuesdays – and based off the rest of the GF menu, any time during the week. Blue corn chips FTW.
  • Major kudos to our server Ashley who put up with my request to check – and 2nd and 3rd to double and triple check –  that the soy chili glaze on the ahi tuna was indeed not made with soy sauce.
  • I’m claiming the back corner table in the bar for future girls’ nights outs.
  • I’ll definitely be back – next time with the husband and brother in tow – for a proper, full dinner entree.

What’s your go-to taco of choice on Taco Tuesday? I apparently gravitate towards seafood options – the spicy shrimp with gauc was quite tasty…

The Oak Barrel on Urbanspoon

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  1. Julie says:

    Stephanie and I were there last night too! Must have just missed you. I loved the tacos – I ordered shrimp, steak, and chicken.

  2. Erin says:

    We had a work happy hour upstairs on Monday. Food was awesome! I’ve heard they have a very nice whiskey selection, too. I have to take the husband back there for dinner sometime.

  3. Valdelis says:

    you were in my neck of the woods! Only, Akron is far better than Cleveland…ahem! lol so sorry to hear about scout!! =( helofuply she enjoyed the trip, just in case!

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