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This past weekend, my friends Erin and Brian were up from Columbus and we were overdue for one of our Cleveland nights out. This time, instead of sending over my list of potential suggestions, Brian had his heart set on a Northeast Ohio favorite: Michael Symon’s Lolita in Tremont.

Our previous visit to Lolita was three years ago – this month exactly – so it definitely a welcomed suggestion.  We checked out the dinner menu online ahead of time where I was happy to find gluten-free indications listed. While some of them were incorrectly labeled as not-gluten-free (when they were) and vice versa, it at least gave me some comfort knowing that the restaurant was ready for someone with my kind of ordering situation.

With 7:30PM reservations, we were sat by 7:45PM – which on a busy Saturday night, I was understanding about. I used to be a hostess – I don’t envy those in that position at one of the most popular spots in Cleveland. Another server other than our own got us set with drinks: white wine for me, red wine for Hans, and Erin & Brian split a Bam Biere Farmhouse Ale. They were very excited to find that option on the drink menu.

For starters: they split the Warm Olives with fennel, chiles, oregano and olive oil, which was happily consumed.

Photo Jan 13, 8 10 19 PM

I opted for the Roasted Beet Salad with apple, pistachio, ricotta salata and truffle vinaigrette.

Photo Jan 13, 2 40 28 PM

The beets were that vibrant and quite delicious. Even Hans – not usually a fan of beets – enjoyed a few bites.

For his main, Hans ordered the Pork Sausage Pizza with tomato sauce, chile, house mozzarella and roasted sweet peppers.

Photo Jan 13, 8 12 58 PM

In true husband fashion, he demolished the entire thing. Guess he liked it!

Brian chose the Buccatini with pulled pork, pancetta, organic egg yolk and pecorino.

Photo Jan 13, 8 15 01 PM

Brian was kind enough to share and my fellow three diners were all fans of this pasta option.

Erin went with the Ravioli with beef shank, mushrooms, beet greens, bone marrow and grana padano.

Photo Jan 13, 8 13 47 PM

Seriously – with beef shank and bone marrow, how do you go wrong?

I was happy to try the Roasted Chicken with salsa verde, chickpea puree, carrot, radish and orange.  For my side, I opted for the broccolini (not pictured).

Photo Jan 13, 8 16 29 PM

This portion of protein was generous. I took half of it home, happily consuming all my veggies and leaving with a full belly.

For dessert, Erin and Brian split the Warm Chocolate Bread Pudding with 
chocolate brioche, white wine poached pears,
 hazelnut ice cream and milk chocolate caramel (again, no picture – sorry).  They both made that “OMG-this-tastes-so-good” face while enjoying their last course, especially noting how they really loved the hazelnut ice cream.

LONG STORY SHORT: Like our first visit, we left feeling quite satisfied with our meals at Lolita. While keeping up with a busy restaurant, the staff were great at keeping our meal moving yet giving us the chance to enjoy ourselves. I said this last time and mean to keep it this time: I will return more often in the future – especially for that $5 happy hour!

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  1. Jessica B. says:

    Haven’t been there in a while but that was where Ryan and I had our first official date! We should probably head back there soon. We both got pizzas and they were phenom!

  2. Jen @ Why CLE? says:

    I love Lolita! Not only my favorite of the Michael Symon restaurants, but one of my top 3 restaurants in Cleveland. Now I want to go back…anytime you want to happy hour there, just let me know!

  3. GiGi Eats Celebrities says:

    I LOVE trying out celebrity chef restaurants to see if they really DO know what they’re talking about/doing! My brother and I went to Fabio (from Top Chef)’s restaurant and it was DELISH! We are going to go to Stefan’s restaurant next (also from Top Chef) and then Chris Crary’s (Top Chef, lol)… And so many more!! 🙂

  4. Caitlin says:

    Looks like a wonderful meal! That certainly is a generous helping of chicken. I love broccolini! The beet salad looks great too. Such a unique color for those beets. I’m not a huge pasta person but that pasta with the egg looks great. MMM PIZZA! My fave 🙂

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