Link It Up: Must Read Posts on 1.4.2013

The last Link It Up post was November 9th. Oops. Sorry folks. Let’s see if we can get some consistency in the new year…


I’m taking part in two photo-a-days this month: the #YogaADay via Grow Soul Beautiful and the #fmsphotoaday via FatMumSlim. Let’s just say a certain fuzz is having just as much fun with it as I am:


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Jess shared her 2013 marathon plan. I have a feeling she’s going to have quite the comeback. Plus I think she just looks adorable in that hat. Several other run bloggers shared their 2013 race schedule, including Holly and Julie.

Jen’s got a fabulous Pure Barre giveaway going on – there are several opportunities to win!

Katrina’s 2013 “To Dine” Challenge is looking seriously delicious. The Blue Door Cafe & Bakery is on my list as well!

Similar to Katrina’s list, Amanda is putting together her own must-see-in-CLE list for 2013. Help her by making some suggestions on this post.

This letter is hilarious, yet strangely, I might know of the Wrestling Club that Reanna’s mystery writer is looking for. (Yes, I’m being serious. Rule #1 of wrestling club: don’t talk about wrestling club…)


5 Things Nonprofits Must Do To Captivate Millennials from Inspiring Generosity

6 Steps to Release Your Fear and Feel Peaceful from Tiny Buddha

Top 10 Social Media Moments of 2012 from Intrapromote

28 Brilliant Tips for Living Life from Zen Habits


Fox News Debates Yoga vs Sports and ‘Wussification’ of America – I’m still laughing at this whole interview…


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  1. Jen @ Why CLE? says:

    Thanks for including the giveaway! It is pretty sweet!

    Also, as if I didn’t already dislike Fox News. I want that guy in one of Yo’s vinyasa classes doing boat pose, then he can tell me (and everyone else there) we’re yoga wussies. Grr.

  2. Amanda says:

    Thanks for sharing the Tiny Buddha post. It was the perfect complement to a conversation Scott and I were having this morning about letting go of paralyzing anxieties. (And thanks for sharing my post!)

  3. Julie @ Am I There Yet says:

    Hey! Thanks for the link love!
    That Fox article made me laugh out loud. I’m glad it was pointed out the “super heros” and other athletes that practice yoga. Anyway, let me know what you think of Blue Door. Anything with the word bakery in it is awesome in my book!

  4. Christine @ Love, Life, Surf says:

    ohmygosh I watched that Fox News segment on yoga yesterday and there was so much that made me angry about it!! Such an oversimplification and such a false comparison they were making. I actually didn’t have so much of an issue with the guest as with the comments that the news folks were making! Thanks for the other reads! I missed some of these.

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