a very PIP Thanksgiving

Hans and I are lucky to have the majority of our family members in the Greater Cleveland area. That said, it’s hard to see all of them on a holiday. So for this year, my mom and I decided to gather her family members the Saturday after Thanksgiving. I offered to host, but only if my mom would coordinate the major detail (AKA the turkey). Between her, Hans and the rest of the PIP crew, I got off easy in hosting one enjoyable holiday.

I knew Black Friday shopping was not a healthy choice for an anxiety prone girl like me, so I committed myself to a yoga class in the morning to be followed up with a day of cleaning and holiday decorating. After a Saturday morning of teaching yoga, I came home to Hans fully enjoying the OSU/Michigan game:

I’m pretty sure that was his second piece of pie for the day. We all know pumpkin pie becomes an acceptable breakfast option between Thanksgiving and New Year’s.

Our turkey was all my mom’s doing. She picked it out, she cleaned it out, she stuffed it up and carved it up. That woman is a culinary goddess.

The transfer from the stove to the counter wasn’t quite as successful, but luckily, Grady was there to help with clean up.

For the base of the meal, I wanted to keep it simple: turkey, corn, mashed potatoes, gravy, rolls. Otherwise, my guests stepped up to make the rest of the meal interesting:

Mom made the polenta/butternut squash bake and that pumpkin roll, while Aunt Kathy brought along that pumpkin bread pudding and a sweet potato mash bake with walnuts/brown sugar topping. My Aunt Georgiann brought a variety of pies: pumpkin, French silk and cherry. No wonder I’m fully stocked on leftovers – a very good thing!

Hans’ grandparents and his great uncle joined us in the early evening, and my kitchen table became the place to be.

Note Aunt Kathy photo bombing Hans’ picture.

It’s funny how you look forward to the meal, but it’s the conversation after that was the best part. We also didn’t play dominoes, which means no squabbles broke out because someone was cheating. Probably a good thing.

It was another successful, happy holiday. I give my family all the credit: I just feel like all I did was provide the venue and gather the troops. Here’s to organization and delegation!

What was your favorite part about this year’s Thanksgiving holiday?

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  1. Crystal W. (@EatDrinkClev) says:

    So nice to celebrate on an alternate date! I had my family over on Friday. I hate trying to cram everyone into one day. Love all the pumpkin and squash at your dinner!!!! And girl, your kitchen table is ALWAYS the place to be 🙂

  2. Heather says:

    You know, looking at your pictures, I just realized that we never had pumpkin roll this year – bummer!! And pumpkin bread pudding sounds divine…….
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Mom says:

    Had a great Thanksgiving at your home…thanks for hosting!!!! Anytime you feel like you want me to handle the turkey…just ask, I will!

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