giving thanks and showing gratitude

It’s no surprise that the feeling of gratitude has been popping up around us all recently. It’s an obvious emotion to embrace on this holiday, but I’ve been uber aware of it as it appears in every day situations in the past week.

I’m thankful for friends who agree to order “the boat” at Pacific East, ticking an item of my culinary bucket list:

photo (1)

Note: the “boat for three” will feed five bloggers.

I’m thankful for a pre-Thanksgiving family tradition that tests my Golden-Retriever like attention span:

No “bingo” calls from our group, but my mom at least went home a winner.

I’m thankful for a group of fellow yoga teacher trainees that let me play the “if you were a breed of dog, what type of dog would you be?” game. (In case you were wondering, our pack contains a Poodle, a Vizsla, a Mastiff, a Dalmatian, an Austrian cattle dog and several cats.)

Speaking of, I’m thankful for the many lessons of another yoga teacher training weekend:

photo (2)

I’m also thankful for the yoga TT assignment to watch the movie Gandhi. Yes, that included a dedication of over three hours of film time, but it lead to a reminder of one of my favorite quotes from the man: “Action expresses priorities.”

Other random things I’m thankful for:

  • home brewed Starbucks Christmas Blend
  • the sense of calmness from my husband after his surprise birthday massage at Massage Envy
  • the opportunity to practice yoga on Thanksgiving morning
  • strangers at gas stations willing to fill a deflated tire
  • hair products I have NO clue what to do with
  • seeing how a blog swap creates such unique opportunities for synergy
  • patience and understanding – from others onto me, specifically

But most of all, I’m thankful for security and steadiness: in relationships, in employment, in my health. I look back at my last Thanksgiving day post and I couldn’t say I had those things a year ago. But as my teacher stressed this past weekend at TT, it all comes back to faith. Having faith in something – and that thing can be anything you choose it to be. For me, it’s that belief that everything is going to be okay. So when anxiety or drama appears, I tell myself to weather the storms as they come and take action now.

Today’s action: I wholeheartedly thank the Universe for all it’s given me.

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  1. Jess says:

    I love the idea of believing in faith, in SOMETHING, above all else. It’s THE most comforting thing, I am a huge believer in it. I hope you are enjoying every last second of this holiday as happy as ever and as surrounded by love as ever. xo!

  2. jobo says:

    I love this post, friend. And where you are in your life, in every way. Steadiness and stillness. Such comfort. Happy thanksgiving!

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