Ohio Blogging Association’s October Cleveland Blogger Dinner at The South Side

Another Cleveland blogger dinner is in the books!

Tuesday night, members of the Ohio Blogging Association met at The South Side in Tremont. The blogroll for the evening included:

Our group took over the enclosed patio area at the restaurant – a great spot for dining any time of year. Some of my favorite blogger meetups are the ones where we just plan to meet up for dinner. No tour, no project to do, no agenda. It gives everyone the chance to kick back, chat and catch up.

I think John’s recap post from the evening explains that feeling the best – definitely worth the read.

In a true measure of a successful event, we even had some familiar faces as party crashers: my mom and her boyfriend Todd.

Side note: the enclosed patio at The South Side is not an iPhone photo friend.

Our introductions and announcements including the sharing of plenty of exciting events happening around Cleveland through the end of the year, and several of our members announcing that they had recently changed jobs. There’s lots of change and things happening this Fall season.

As we chatted away, our food arrived in a swoop from one end of the table to the other:

An array of dishes came out of the kitchen including my chicken curry soup du jour and salad, my mom’s P.E.I mussels, the calamari, the fried fish sandwiches, the chorizo sausages with pierogies, and more. Everything tasted as good as it looked – if not better!

It was another successful meet up, filled with chatter, beverages and food. The staff at The South Side did their part by doing such a nice job accommodating our large group that evening.  I owe a huge thanks to all the bloggers and blog supporters (and party crashers!) that came out on Tuesday evening – can’t wait to see you all again in December!

Interested in joining in on the fun? Sign up for the November state wide blog swap over at the Facebook event page. Any Ohio blogger can participate! Stay up-to-date on the details for the December Holiday Party & Cookie Swap and our upcoming 2013 events by liking the OBA Facebook page today.

I’m taking suggestions for future Ohio Blogging dinner and meetup spots: what’s your favorite place to dine with a large group of people around Cleveland? 

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  1. Holly says:

    Battery Park Wine Bar would be a good option. Large space, free Parking and nice atmosphere! If we did it on a weeknight I think they have happy hour specials too.

  2. John O'Brien says:

    Very fun nite, great to talk with so many people. Thanks for your link and comments on my blog as well Alicia. One suggestion for a future location – PJ McIntyre’s at Kamms Corner has a downstairs party room, great service and special events menu. Thanks for coordinating another great event.

  3. Jen @ Why CLE? says:

    Let’s talk about how K is gesturing so fast, her hands are a blur 🙂
    It was another really fun night…thanks for organizing! I second Battery Park Wine Bar as a good group space, too.

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