catching up on October’s photo-a-day challenge

As I mentioned in last week’s Link It Up, I’m doing my best to partake in this October photo-a-day challenge:

photo source: the Fat Mum Slim blog

Despite a lack luster start, I’ve gotten on track and am finding enjoyment (& a bunch of new iPhone photo apps) along the way.

Day 5: Shadow

Taken late Friday night, it’s the shadow of my shadow. I don’t think the Fuzz is adjusting back to the 9 to 5 work schedule as much as I am. He’s glued to my side the second I come home every evening. I also get the stink eye every morning. Side note: The real challenge of this challenge: not being a #crazydoglady every time I snap a photo.

Day 6: I’m Thankful For…

…shirts with thumb holes. I own an abundance of them. I have very long arms, so sometimes I don’t even use the thumb holes – it’s just nice to have the extra length of the sleeve.

Day 7: Light

A few years back, I used to spend Sundays much lazier than I have recently. I purposefully kept this Sunday dedicated inward. The day ended with a dinner for my family: as I started my risotto recipe, I snapped this photo.

Day 8: Angle

While working from home on a food and wine event that evening, a glass of Stella seemed like the proper accompaniment. I liked how the wine glass captured the reflection of the computer and the light behind me.

Day 9: Red

This lululemon manifesto hangs on my fridge. It’s noticed every morning as I cook breakfast, but I’m currently finding some inspiration in a few previously overlooked sayings. Here’s to opening your eyes and being more aware of your surroundings.

The photo-a-day pics keep coming over at my Instagram feed – and another update will be on the way next week…

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  1. KymberlyFunFit says:

    I was sad when my Lululemon bag with all the nifty sayings finally ripped and headed to the recycle pastures in the sky. How about getting a photo of your dog doing the stink eye?

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