Link It Up: Must Read Posts on 10.5.2012

Don’t call it a comeback…


Finally I’ve remembered to participate in a photo-a-day challenge! Only four days in and I’m already not batting a thousand, but here’s what I’ve got so far:

Day One: Where You Stood. #crazydoglady

Day Two: Lunchtime. (Fail. My lunch was really lame that day – there’s a reason why I don’t post every single meal I eat anymore!)

Day Three: This Happened Today. Breakfast pastries from Breads & Beyonds in Parma.

Day Four: What You Read. Check the links below… and keep up with my October photo-a-day outcomes over at my Instagram feed.


I loved Heather’s post with her favorite marathon moments. Head over and wish her luck as she runs the Chicago Marathon this weekend – go get it girl!

Also running Chi-town, my girl Jess and her husband have been running their behinds off to prep for those 26.2 miles. I especially love this post from her blog last week. So excited for them to run their first full marathon!

I also received these great t-shirts from Reebok this week:

They were originally distributed to the FitBloggin’ attendees right after the 5K run. I had to miss it because of an early flight home. Luckily, Reebok sent one for me and one for Hans. Let’s see how long it takes until we try to wear them to the same 5K…


I’m teaching my very first yoga workshop tomorrow – Saturday, October 6 – at Nishkama Yoga Independence! The details are over at Facebook. The workshop is for beginners, starts at 2PM and is only $10! Come on out!

Also tomorrow is Why Stay Cleveland‘s 2012 Conference at Cleveland State University. Here’s your change to participate in discussions about all sort of aspects of life here in Northeast Ohio – and the event is FREE. More info is available over at the Eventbrite site.

For the CLE bloggers: details for the October Ohio Blogging Association Meetup is finalized. Join us on Tuesday, October 23rd at The Southside in Tremont. Bloggers and blog supporters are welcome! RSVP over at the Facebook event page.

And looking forward, Alexa is hosting the Karaoke at the CAT party on November 9th. I’m a sucker for karaoke, so this looks like quite the night out!


The meditation for your inner athlete from the lululemon blog is like speed-meditation. Hardly over two minutes long, everyone has time for this practice.

Because it happens to all of us: read up on How To Beat Yoga Burnout. At the very least, click over for the picture of the awesome card she found.

A follow up read to my last suggestion:  Trust the Practice from Elephant Journal.

Related to photo-a-day, check out Grow Soul Beautiful’s #YogaADay photo challenge over at their Instagram page. So many awesome yogis are participating!


Don't keep important lessons to yourself.
Russell Simmons

Read something interesting this week? Wrote something yourself that you want to share? Link it up in the comments below!

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  1. jobo says:

    Love your links this week, and the pics! And especially Heather and Jess’s marathon posts! Run, ladies (and gent!) run!! 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  2. Jess says:

    Love you friend!! Thank you for the shout-out and all the love and support, you’re the best.

    Now – ROCK that yoga class tomorrow girlfriend, it’s gonna be awesome!!

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