the importance of reminders during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Oh October, you blew by far too fast. I’m already assembling November’s monthly events posting, scratching my head on how this month got away from me, all while hiding out on a surprise weekday off due to this Frankenstorm.  Other than a few flickers of lights and some scary wind sounds, all is fine here at PIP Headquarters. So grateful for that.

With a final reminder that October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Northeast Ohio Area Chevy Dealers are still doing their part to raise money for the American Cancer Society Making Strides Against Breast Cancer initiative. Even thought they already pulled the three winners for the grand prize makeovers, Gotta Love Chevy Ohio is still donating a $1 for every NEW like to the Gotta Love Chevy NEO Facebook page during this month. You still have two days to help them reach their goal, so click on over.

Also in conjunction with National Breast Cancer Awareness month, Reebok shared a few pieces from their Pink Ribbon Collection with me. As a proud sponsor of Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, Reebok will donate more than $500,000 this year to help combat breast cancer.

Side note: speaking of that storm, I’m pretty sure the Fuzz is completely confused. He keeps wanting to go outside, just to stand in one spot in the backyard. He then comes in and either lays on top of me or under our family room table. It’s amazing I got him to settle down to take that picture.

I own a TON of athletic wear, but this Reebok Pink Ribbon Pant is my new favorite lounge-around-the-house option. Even after a few washings, it’s holding up great and not losing the length through the pant leg. Being 5’9″, I’m grateful for that – I need all the fabric I can get in that inseam!

I consider myself to be a connoisseur of athletic apparel featuring thumbholes, so I was initially pretty amped about the ones on the Pink Ribbon 1/4 Zip Top:

…but my extremely long arms make them more like wrist holes. Otherwise, I’m digging the pullover. I love the neon pink color and the design. It would be great for someone looking for a cover up for outdoor cardio sessions in cooler temperatures or as a basic cover up to wear to and from their workouts.

So while we’re reminded about this cause through brightly colored athletic gear in blog posts, it’s also a reminder for the importance of prevention. A local news anchor just announced she was recently diagnosed with the disease after discovering a lump during a self breast exam. I’ve had two aunts that have had avoided potential diagnoses thanks to being proactive. I’ve had a friend lose her mother at a very young age from this cancer. Let make sure we do our part to avoid it if possible. A suggestion: make a self-breast exam a part of your “first of the month” duties. Check out the Cleveland Clinic’s guide on self-exam how-to’s.

Stay safe. Stay warm. Stay healthy.

Disclaimer: Reebok items were provided care of my ambassadorship with FitFluential. American Cancer Society Making Strides Against Breast Cancer reminder care of my “Chevy Girl” status with Gotta Love Chevy Northeast Ohio. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

yoga teacher training: teachings from a weekend with the Bhagavad Gita

There are a few reasons why I selected the studio I did for my teacher training (TT). Sure, I’ve always considered Nishkama Yoga to be my “yoga home” so you might think of course I would have wanted to do my TT there. But familiarity and geographical convenience aside, I know I made the right decision based on our body of work.  You might think yoga teacher training’s purpose is to make you a yoga teacher, but you learn so much more than that.

Yes, we learn about the anatomy of the body. My teacher’s background as a medical professional and a scientist shines through each time she pulls out our anatomy textbook. We spent this weekend discussing the muscles of the upper body. The good news: my hyperextended arms have really strong triceps. The better news: I learned a new cue – “slightly flex your bicep in down dog” – that just might change my practice.

Yes, we find ourselves in crazy advanced poses that you didn’t even know existed. It’s funny how you bump up to Wheel pose, just content to be in the full backbend. That’s when your teacher comes over and says to you “get what you came for”. She then suggests you drop to your forearms while placing the crown of your head on the ground while straightening your legs to the back of your mat. Lesson learned: start putting your hair in pigtail braids because coming out of that backbend/headstand combo is no fun on a standard ponytail.

But at its core, teacher training is really about making you a better version of yourself.  When I’m tapped into the philosophical studies of my practice is when I grow the most.  Our guide for this is The Bhagavad Gita.  The Gita, as many lovingly refer to it, is considered to be one of the world’s greatest spiritual tales. It’s the story of Prince Arjuna and the divine Lord Krishna, and is the backbone of our philosophical teachings. This weekend especially was jammed packed with Gita goodness.

My fellow TTs joke that I must have been a scribe in a former life as I’m always writing during our sessions.  Our discussions of the Gita bring up concepts that fill my journal pages:

Too many important lessons for one page to handle.

And when my hand gets tired and my brain gets fuzzy, that’s what my iPhone camera is for.

So yes, I’m excited that after many months, I’ve become a yoga teacher.

I have also become a stronger person – physically and mentally.

I have also become a calmer person, being able to handle my anxiety and other stressful scenarios in a more peaceful fashion.

But ultimately, I have also become a person aware of her actions, doing her best to live in the present moment and appreciating the here and now.

Learning all the physical asana poses in the world can’t come close to the knowledge of learning those abilities.

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Link It Up: Must Read Posts on 10.26.2012

It’s a real hodge podge of links this week. Spin the wheel of randomness and let’s see what comes up!

CLE Love via CLE+

Last night, I attended the quarterly CLE+ Social Media Advisory Committee (or #SMAC) meeting. The meeting featured presentations by:

While each telling us their tale of invitation here in Northeastern Ohio, they treated us to quite the spread of beverages:

Let’s just say I found a new favorite sparkling white wine:

…but Mr. Lix gets the award for the quote of the night: “Cleveland is an attitude.” LOVE.

My Blogging PSA Of The Week

If you run blog giveaways that feature an entry for “liking” a Facebook page: STOP. It’s against their Terms of Service for Pages. Read more over at the Rafflecopter site: Facebook Giveaway / Contest Rules & Regulations Explained. I’m still not 100% convinced that using a 3rd party Facebook app makes it okay (feel free to convince me otherwise in the comments), so I’m playing it safe rather than sorry.

From my Google Reader

The utter despair of shopping at Macy’s from Eat The Damn Cake is a must read for every woman who needs to shop for a new size.

Nutella Croissant Bread Pudding? Thank you, Cat. My life is now complete.

While we’re on recipes, a huge congrats to Katie: her gluten-free pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes were featured on the Huffington Post website this week! And they look delicious!

Thank You, Random Stranger at the start of my race from one of the Runner’s World blogs is great in itself, but I love the comments of others tales of random strangers helping out one another at races.

#crazydoglady entries of the week

50 things to do before you die – if you’re a dog.  Not so strangely, my dog has already done several of these.

Would you buy your dog a treadmill to lose weight?


Forget me running: how about I buy Grady a treadmill?

What are you reading this week? Proud of a post that you want to share? Leave it in the comments!


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