the sport of fitness: fitting it all in

Yes, we’re all “busy”. But if you’re like me, you prefer it that way. A full Google Calendar is a happy one around PIP headquarters. Yet as we’re balancing work, social and travel schedules, Hans and I do our best to maintain our active lifestyles and workouts during a time when it’s easy to let it fall by the wayside.

When this crazy month of August hit, it was like the kind folks at Reebok knew I needed some help when they sent me an array of fitness apparel that reminded me of the ways that I could fit it all in:

Wear your workout gear while you are working.  As an event planner, I thrive on event days – probably because I love the constant activity necessary to make sure an event goes flawlessly. I broke in this pair of SmoothFlex Run’s while managing a recent function:

They are incredibly light: I hardly even noticed I had anything on my feet. And for a girl with size 11 feet, that’s saying something! After more than twelve hours on my feet that day, my feet were the only things that didn’t ache the next day!

Commit to an active lifestyle as a hobby & make it a practice.  For me, that’s means embracing my yoga practice both on and off my mat.  I drag myself out of bed every Saturday morning, throw on my workout gear and get to the studio because it counterbalances my crazy schedule so well.

side note: the length on this Flex Collection top is awesome – no worries about flashing anyone during inversions!

Both as a student and as a teacher, being at the studio reminds me that a physical asana practice prepares me for the uncertainty life can bring. It reminds me that I need to remember to breath. I need to remember to take time for self-care. That I can’t be working every.single.moment of I need those constant reminders and yoga does that for me – that’s why I make the time for it several times a week.

Find inspiration and then find the time.  While I love finding motativing phrases to keep me going, sometimes it’s a simple thing that pops up in my every day life that does it. Case in point: Reebok shared few more pieces, including a great CrossFit branded headband.

I’ve been considering heading to a CrossFit box since Julie wrote about her experiences this Spring, but haven’t been successful at getting anyone to agree to going with me. **cough*cough*HANS*cough*MY BROTHER*cough*cough**  There’s a box just down the street from the yoga studio and I feel its temptation. Switching up your workouts is a great way to shake up that crazy schedule. Now I’m working on finding the time – here’s hoping for a moment in September!

Surround yourself with people (or pups) that support your active lifestyle. Even Grady agrees that a day can be brightened up with the suggestion of a walk around the neighborhood:

Even just a quick trip up and down your street can be just enough to remind you why it’s worth it!

When your calendar is booked solid, how do you fit in some fitness into your schedule?

Disclosure: I received these Reebok products via my FitFluential ambassadorship. As always, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. Christine @ Love, Life, Surf says:

    It is hard to fit it all in with so many things going on but I find that it’s about making it fitness a priority first and foremost. If it’s not, it’s so easy to let it slide in favor of other things. Love the new Reebok gear especially the color of that tank!! Fun clothes make working out fun too 🙂

  2. Tina @ Best Body Fitness says:

    Great post! I’m big on working out in the morning before the day gets in the way. It’s all about figuring out what time fits your schedule and what workout will give you the most bang for your buck for YOUR personal goals.

  3. Debbie @ Live from La Quinta says:

    I love the color of that top. Very pretty.

    It is sometimes challenging to get it all in (as I just wrote about trying to get my yoga back). Running is easy, between the schedule I have followed for years and coaching cross country, I know I will run. It is the other stuff that I’m afraid gets put on the back burner sometimes.

  4. Pavement Runner says:

    love the color of the shoes and the top.

    Pup is super cute, too!

    I try to rock my workouts early in the morning (5am) or during my lunch hour. Really my only 2 options to get it done!

  5. Joe @ The Frolicking Fells says:

    Love the idea of wearing workout clothes to work! I have been wearing my running shoes to work and around the house–they make my feet feel great, and wearing them definitely helps keep running on my mind all day long.

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