yoga teacher training: now the yoga (teaching) begins

I originally had a yoga teacher training post about silence planned for today, but I just can’t keep quiet about this…

THIS FRIDAY: August 17, 2012 from 5:45PM to 6:45PM:

…in a room filled with an undetermined amount of people at Nishkama Yoga Independence.

…with a predetermined music playlist and a planned (yet most likely to change) set of yoga poses.

…and one excited, seriously anxious and honored yoga teacher trainee.

That’s right: I’ve been given the stamp of approval to teach my first yoga class. 

Care to join me for some Friday happy hour fun? Click on over to the Facebook event page for more information. It’s a happy hour deal at only $5 – HOLLA! (All proceeds go to the expansion of the Nishkama School of Yoga education programs.)

No worries if you can’t make it this Friday: my fellow TTs will be teaching nearly every Friday evening between now and December. Plenty of time to come on out to get your vinyasa on!

Thankfully Jen dropped off this bottle of champagne this past weekend in celebration of another achievement…

…but I’m saving it for this Friday evening around 7PM. Anyone down for an after-party at PIP HQ?

As yoga sutra 1.1 says, “Atha Yoganusasanum”. Now, the yoga begins… and in so, so many ways…

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  1. Susan says:

    Oh that’s exciting 🙂 If I could I would totally, but it’s hard to do on crutches 😉 good luck, I’m sure it’s going to be awesome!

  2. mom says:

    I want to congratulate you on doing something you have planned, saved, cried, smiled, sweat, lost sleep over, practiced and beamed about doing for a long time! I am again proud of you baby!
    Mom love you…everyone knows how special you are!

  3. jobo says:

    ahhh! I wish I could celebrate with you!! cannot wait to hear how it goes!!!!! And I’m ready to pop some bubbly for you already. What a journey. You are going to be an amazing instructor!!

  4. PIP Aunt Kathy says:

    Congrats Alicia. Like all the other people who commented, I am very proud of you. You’re gonna be an awesome instructor. Remember that you are human and you’ll have good classes and not so good classes. But you’ll continue to improve every time you teach. I hope to make it to at least one of your classes so keep me posted. As a great crazy old lady once said, “You go away girl.” Love you.

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