Link It Up: Must Read Posts on 7.27.2012

For your reading pleasure, it’s time to again share some of my favorite posts and articles from the past week…


The Art of Manliness featured Cleveland’s own Dan Deagan in So You Want My Job: Restaurant Owner. I love the insight that Deagan provides – and the picture they used in the post!


First:  read Why Every Social Media Manager Should Be Under 25. Then read the comments on that post. Hilarious.

Second: read one of the rebuttals: Why only people over 40 should do social media for a living. Make sure to read the author’s final note: such a valid point. I’m off to update my bio photos…


My girl Kimberly hit the nail on the head with her post last Friday: Making Friends As An Adult.

I really needed MizFitOnline’s Four Tips For Flying Your Freak Flag this week. Rock on, Carla.

Yoganonymous’ blog reminds us that Practice Makes… Well, Practice. Remember: all that practice on your mat in turn helps you off of it.

And a huge thanks to Morgan at Becoming Rooks for sharing this infographic – just in time for the Olympics!

(picture source:

With those rules, I think we all might be a bit tipsy by the end of today! Enjoy your weekend!

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7 thoughts on “Link It Up: Must Read Posts on 7.27.2012

  1. Greg Kuhn

    As a forty-five year old, I love the social media posts. Last year, my son and I were driving to school and I saw a Walgreens’ marquee with the message: “Follow Us on Facebook”. I told my son I imagined some marketing executive having touted, “I know how to capture the teenage market: get a presence on Facebook!” Then I told him that what Walgreens had actually done was send a very clear message to teenagers to never use Facebook again!

    Thank you for posting these links!

    1. Alicia at Poise in Parma Post author

      oooooh, good point. I hadn’t noticed that. Maybe if you leave a comment on that post, they’d kindly link you back?


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