CLE food: brunch at Lucky’s Cafe

My favorite Columbus-ians (because I still don’t know what the proper term is) / foodie friends Erin and Brian were in Cleveland for the weekend. In our usual tradition, I emailed Erin a list of possible restaurants based on her criteria. This occasion’s included finding somewhere to have Sunday Brunch at 9:00AM. That helped narrow the list – you’d be surprised how many places open at 10AM! But Erin was craving some coffee from one of Cleveland’s favorite brunch spots, so we were off to Lucky’s Cafe in Tremont.

We arrived right before 9:00AM and were seated on the patio. I have never noticed this coffee mug on top of the building before that day!

As Hans and I went for coffee and Brian went for decaf, Erin mixed things up with an iced coffee – which she later highly praised using the word “awesome”. Her craving was satisfied! After learning about the daily specials from our very chill and zen waiter (the boy must do some yoga in his spare time), we chose the following off their brunch menu:

Brian chose the Biscuits with Cheddar scallion biscuits topped with soft scrambled eggs and sausage gravy. Served with hash brown potatoes and grapes.

I knew this was an excellent menu item since I had the opportunity to try this upon my first visit to Lucky’s way back in 2009. (What a difference nearly three years of blogging makes!) Brian was very content with his choice.

Erin went with the Canoewreck with curried Tofu, hash browns, seasonal veggies, and Brewers yeast, served with Como toast and fresh fruit.

Erin admitted that she liked Lucky’s Canoewreck more than she liked their Shipwreck (made with bacon and cheddar cheese), but seemed to be a bit jealous of Brian’s uber fluffy eggs on his biscuit.

Hans ordered the Breakfast Burritos with veggie scrambled eggs rolled in flour tortillas, covered with a guajillo pepper sauce & cheddar cheese, baked in a casserole and served with hash browns.

I don’t remember Hans saying a word from the time this dish was placed in front of him until a few moments after the plate was cleared.

As for me, I selected the Omelette with spinach, mushrooms, zucchini and white cheddar cheese, served in fresh local eggs w/ hash browns & banana bread.

Hans snagged the banana bread and I dug in. I made a valiant effort, but only made it half way thru the fluffy breakfast staple and accompanying chunks of potato. The leftovers didn’t last long as they were gone at lunch!

Even though we could see a line forming outside the front of the restaurant, I appreciated that our waiter didn’t try to rush us once we were done eating – he actually encouraged us to take our time finishing up.  The rest of my entree packed safely in a to-go box, we enjoyed a few more moments on Lucky’s porch chatting away while surrounded by their beautiful garden. The perfect start to any Sunday!

LONG STORY SHORT: I always hesitate to go to Lucky’s Cafe on the weekend because of just how busy it gets. But now I know the secret: the early bird always gets the worm. And in this case, a delicious meal and plenty of coffee to keep you going all day.

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  1. Sarah @ Cooker Girl says:

    I’ve never been to Lucky’s, but we used to go to Vine & Bean. I sure do miss that place! Maybe I’ll just have to man up and wake up early to get to Lucky’s. I love the Shipwreck and the pecan bacon and the . . . Yum!

  2. Katie O. says:

    This looks so yummy! I can’t believe I’ve never been there. We went to the Tremont Taphouse for brunch this Sunday.

    I want to know more about the Canoewreck! 🙂

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