a CLE night out: Parallax, The Flying Fig & Horseshoe Casino

As an extrovert, I thrive off being surrounded by people. While my birthday cookout was a gathering of lots of loved ones, the night before I decided to enjoy a wonderful date night out with one special guy. As every girl should get a birthday dinner at the locale of her choosing, Hans was at the mercy of my dinner reservation making – just for one evening.

Our dinner destination: Zack Bruell’s Parallax to finish off my personal Tour de Bruell – the only item on my 28 at 28 list I was able to accomplish last month!  Our waiter Chuck was on the ball and ready to offer us anything we could possibly want – including gluten-free bread to start! I was flabbergasted when he said he was having some toasted for me.

I started the meal with their Sashimi Salad, highlighting some of uber fresh and very tasty raw fish:

Hans and I both ordered our own Spicy Tuna roll – his to start, mine as my main. Filled with a tartare of tuna and avocado, I now request all my sushi served with a side of chili oil and chili paste.

Hans also ordered the restaurant’s “daily special” roll: mango, crab, avocado – all in tempura & deep fried. He contently ate every single piece.

That evening, Parallax delivered the some of the best sushi I’ve ever had here in Cleveland. It was the perfect dinner to close out my 28th year. Afterwards, we wandered around Tremont – trying to visit Wine & Design and stopping by Lilly Homemade Chocolates – before driving over to Ohio City.

Fellow yoga teacher trainee Klint is an employee at The Flying Fig and it was the perfect night to visit him. As we arrived at the end of the rush of dinner service, snagging a table on their patio was no problem. I ordered a cocktail instead of my usual glass of wine to switch things up:

The Safflower did not disappoint:

I wanted another but I knew I would have been asking for it the next morning if I kept going! Talk about one delicious yet strong drink! I was so happy to try a new-to-me beverage while visiting a good friend.

As the night went on, we weren’t quite ready to head home. On our drive to the Fig, I mentioned something about the Horseshoe Casino. Hans remembered my randomness, drove us downtown and found the closest parking spot on Huron possible to its entrance. I love his uncanny ability to find free parking in this city!


You can tell what type of gambler based on my check-in:

Where's the keno? (@ Horseshoe Casino Cleveland w/ 7 others) http://t.co/lTLhNdzc
Alicia Hansen

We didn’t spend much: I was content with people watching while checking out the new Cleveland tourist attraction. I’ve been to plenty of Vegas hotels (c/o family members living out there), so I was happy to see the Horseshoe had some of the glitz that you’d expect on the Strip.

LONG STORY SHORT: That Saturday night out was the perfect reminder of the importance of date nights, the occasional cocktail and stepping outside the norm. It was a wonderful pre-birthday evening – that I plan to recreate more frequently, sans the excuse of “it’s my birthday!”  What’s your definition of a perfect night out?

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  1. Crystal W. (@EatDrinkClev) says:

    Yay! Sounds like a perfect birthday indeed! You are more of a gambler than I am since I don’t even know how to play Keno! ha ha We just went to the Horseshoe Thursday and I thought it looked pretty darn good too.

  2. Beth @ DiningAndDishing says:

    ummm, Alicia that night sounds amazing!!! all of those places are great and i absolutely LOVE the flying fig…it’s my favorite restaurant in the world :).

    HAPPY birthday (again)! glad you had a great one, you deserve it!

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