addition to the 28 at 28 list: do a backbend in a unique place

Did you forget about my 28 at 28 list? Yeah, I kind of did too. With exactly one month until I turn 29, I’ve managed to tackle these tasks from the list:

  • 2. Celebrate Hans’ 30th birthday at Deagan’s Kitchen & Bar’s Pumpkin Fest
  • 9. Go to a MLB ballpark that is not Progressive Field – in this case, Angels’ Stadium in Anaheim
  • 13. Hold crow pose for ten seconds and moved on to other arm balances
  • 17. Practice yoga with my dad: on several occasions!
  • 18. Rock out at a concert: Hall & Oates in July, Sara Bareilles in August
  • 19. Run my second half marathon under 2:30: can you say 2:25?!
  • 20. Set a new 5K PR: done on my 2nd run of the Independence 5K in August
  • 22. Swim in the ocean during our California trip in July

There are a few that definitely won’t happen:

  • 12. Have a family holiday celebration at our home (unless we’re celebrating Flag Day this year…)
  • 24. Tailgate before a Cleveland Browns game
  • 27. Toboggan at the Metroparks

That still leaves plenty to accomplish, the most likely candidates being:

  • 3. Check out Whiskey Island
  • 5. Create a dinner with ingredients ONLY purchased at the West Side Market
  • 7. Finish my “Tour de Bruell” at Parallax: gotta have my birthday dinner somewhere…
  • 11. Grocery shop at a farmers market
  • 16. Karaoke at the Inn Between
  • 21. Surprise my brother
  • 28. Visit the Cleveland Botanical Gardens

So with so many to accomplish, you might be surprised to find I’m adding to the list in conjunction with my crow pose goal:

13.5: do a backbend in a unique place:

Opportunity c/o the Cleveland Plus Social Media Advisory Committee tour of Cleveland Hopkins Airport’s United hub last night. 

And if they would have let me, I would have done dancer pose on the wing of the 737! Don’t you think travelers would be calmer if they just had the chance to do some yoga at the airport? *note to self: call new friends at Cleveland Hopkins Airport to plan runway yoga classes*

Check back Monday for a full recap of our CLE+ tour of the airport. I’m off to prepare for Weddingpalooza 2012 – so so excited for the WhyCLE crew!

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  1. Crystal @EatDrinkCleveland says:

    That picture is so awesome – what a fun place for a back bend!! I go to the Farmers Market at Shaker Sq most Saturdays – if you even want to come, just let me know! I’d love to help you with your list.

  2. Laura @ Mommy Run Fast says:

    I love goal/recap posts! I’ve just started enjoying yoga more lately… the crow pose makes me feel so strong. 🙂 I’m looking forward to connecting with you at Fitbloggin! Just read your about page and weight loss, amazing job! I am sure you have inspired countless people along the way.

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