CLE food: happy hour noodles at Noodlecat

Last August at the Cleveland Museum of Art’s #GlimpsesofAsia Tweetup, I had the chance to try some of what Chef Jonathon Sawyer and his team at Noodlecat offered to hungry Clevelanders. I had enjoyed my that tease of noodle goodness, but haven’t managed to get down to the restaurant itself until this week. I met up with a few of my favorite blogging ladies for a much needed happy hour feast.

While the girls ordered some yummy looking cocktails, I went wild with a pot of Field of France Rooibos decaf tea. Since I was running behind schedule, we took advantage of the happy hour specials including $5 half portions of their noodle bowls before its official end at 7PM. We learned from our super kind, super sweet waiter that happy hour keeps them on their toes as it has become the busiest time of day. Considering the downtown lunch rush, that says a lot.

Here’s the array of what we ordered that evening:

“Super” Salad w/ adzuki beans, local greens, dry blueberry, savory green tea granola & ancient grains

(I said to the waiter, “I just want a salad”. He recommended this. Ordered with the dressing and granola on the side: both were quite good. Bonuses to the chefs for the use of oranges and avocado!!)

College Ramen w/ poached chicken, shiro chicken broth, dry corn, dry peas, dry chive, scallion & chicken salt

(Mostly chosen as I figured it was the easiest to be made gluten free, done by subbing rice noodles. HUGE selling point for me as Noodlecat can make many of their dishes gluten free quite easily. I felt like I was back at B-W.)

“Roscoe’s” Fried Chicken & Ramen w/ fried chicken, butter, hot sauce, maple syrup, greens & fried chicken broth

(Not a great picture, but a great flavor since each of the ladies ordered this – and dug right into that fried chicken with their bare hands)

Tempura Walleye Steam Bun w/ hoisin, pickled radish, & iceberg

(…at least I think it’s the Walleye – perhaps one of my fellow diners can confirm. More top notch food blogging yet again on my part…)

Seasonal Pot de Crème: green tea flavored with a caramel topping

(Quite delicious, but not quite my favorite flavor – buttered popcorn over at Greenhouse Tavern takes that spot. I’m lucky to have friends that share bites of their desserts!)

Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Steam Bun:

(garnished with the much needed wash down of milk)

LONG STORY SHORT: Our bellies were full and our wallets weren’t left empty so I consider our happy hour venture quite the success. On top of it, we were all quite pleased with everything we had that evening.  Who knew slurping could be so fun?! I can see now why so many take advantage of the happy hour specials at Noodlecat. And if you’re downtown between 4PM and 7PM, I think you should too.
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  1. Amanda says:

    While I’ve been to Noodlecat before, I’d never been there in time to take advantage of the Happy Hour pricing…it was fantastic and I’ll definitely be taking Scott back more often since it goes til 7pm (thanks, Noodlecat, on behalf of those of us who work til 6).

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