NASATweetUp Recap Part 2: Celebrating John Glenn’s Legacy at Cleveland State University

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Did you miss Part One of my NASATweetUp experience? Check out Monday’s post: visiting NASA Glenn Research Center & Great Lakes Science Center.

After a quick visit to the Great Lakes Science Center, we found our way to Cleveland State University’s Wolstein Center for the big tribute event, “Celebrating John Glenn’s Legacy: 50 Years of Americans in Orbit”. We were shown to our floor seats with just enough times before the formal program began:


Before former Senator John Glenn took the podium, several NASA VIPs had beautiful things to say about the guest of honor, as well as the folks at NASA Glenn and of Cleveland. The NASA Glenn Research Center employees put together a wonderful video tribute – it even included an appearance by Hans! He was quite the NASA celebrity that day!

The musical tribute by James Binion, Jr. – a Masters of Music candidate at Cleveland State – was truly moving as he preformed a beautiful rendition of “The Impossible Dream” from Man from La Mancha. And as a theatre major, I’ve heard that song A MILLION times, so for me to say it rocked takes a seriously solid performance. This guy delivered.

Finally, it was Senator Glenn’s time to speak and he treated the crowd to several humorous stories and plenty of brilliant thoughts.


One of my favorites – as kindly transcribed by fellow tweetup participant, @1catsch:

“Every bit of progress ever made by human beings has been because somebody was curious about what was up there. Not just me. I mean in every field –not up there, but in medicine, and in fabric, and in steel and in just a hundred different areas – somebody has to be curious about how you can do things differently or new and better. NASA fits that role. Exactly.”

After the ceremony, we were lead to a room just off the hall to participate in the Media Briefing and Tweetup Q&A session. Surprisingly to many of us, the media had very few questions, so it was then opened to the tweeters. I had two things on my mind so I raised my hand and before I knew it, I was speaking directly to some of NASA’s finest:

NASA FB photo

Photo from NASA Glenn Research Center’s Facebook photo album

It’s all a bit of a blur to me, but I remember saying two things: 1) a thank you on behalf of the Cleveland social media community for bringing a NASA Tweetup to the Cleveland area, and 2) my question: as I am a proud NASA wife, I hoped they would share what tips they had for Hans as he strives to do great things in his job with the organization. Their answers?

"I want you to go home at the end of the day, every day, knowing you made a difference in peoples' lives." Charlie Bolden #NASATweetup
Libby Norcross
"Be incredibly proud of what you do" says Bolden to @ employees #NASATweetup @

And while I was more interested in helping my husband, the group had some advice for me:

Bolden defers to #AnnieGlenn on Q about how to be a great #NASAWife. I love this man more and more every day! #NASATweetup
Pat Cooney

The advice: to keep supporting him as he continues to do good work. But the man of the hour had the best advice:

Glenn: "I hope that your marriage lasts forever, and it will if he just keeps saying "Yes, Dear." Raucous laughter. LOL #NASATweetup
David E. Rodriguez

I think I may have overstepped my wifely duties in speaking up based on this response from Hans:

@ Thanks for the support but no more questions! #NASATweetup
Hans Hansen

Love you too honey.

Senator Glenn answered a few more questions before he had to depart. The tweetup continued with a panel of Ohio Astronauts, including Steven Lindsey, Greg Johnston (aka @Astro_Box, whom played a major role in planning the day), Mike Foreman (@foreman_mike, whom spoke at NASA Glenn’s Young Astronauts Day) and Mike Good:


I was proud to see Ohio Blogging Association member @sos_jr participate in the Q&A session:

Photo from NASA Glenn Research Center’s Facebook photo album

The tweeters had great questions for both panels, including the benefits of the US having their own shuttle and the possibility of space travel for us non-astronauts. Talk about wanderlusting! That’s a vacation that I won’t have to talk Hans into!! The Q&A was the perfect ending to a great day.

As we headed back to NASA Glenn Research Center to end the day, we all were still orbiting around Earth, buzzing from the happenings of the day. The buzz continued at our impromptu happy hour session at AMP150 with our CLE Twitter friends & @brx0, whom came all the way from Oregon.

Perhaps that was the coolest part of the day – meeting so many kind people that have a passion for something that is somewhat a part of my everyday life. I supposed I’m a bit desensitized to it all as I’ve been lucky enough to experience NASA events before. But this experience and the enthusiasm shown by the tweetup participants and the NASA employees made me realize the importance of what NASA does for all of us, and in so many ways.

Again, I offer my many thanks to the team at NASA for making this wonderful experience possible! Here’s to many more NASA Glenn tweetups to come!!


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  1. jobo says:

    That is so cool – I LOLed at Hans’ tweet to you about questions. Nothing wrong with eagerness, right?! 😉 And I bet it felt so amazing to be in a room full of people that are so passionate about what they do. This sounded like such an awesome experience!!

  2. Aunt Kat says:

    Wow, sounds like a fun and exciting day. An event that will never, ever take place again. A one of a kind experience. I am so glad that Hans was able to be there taking it all in. I know he was all over it like ants on candy. It’s also cool that you were there to share it with him being the good wife. Love ya both.

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