CLE food: dinner with dad at Momocho

For a person who really craves stability and status quo, I do my best to challenge others to step outside their comfort zone on a regular basis. Lately, my dad’s been taking the brunt of my encouragement: first by taking his yoga practice to a studio, but also by allowing his crazy daughter to make him try new-to-him foods and recipes. When a Sunday night rolled around, Dad and I found ourselves without the usual company – my brother and my husband – so I talked him into a nice meal out.

Momocho has been on my foodie to-do list for a very long time. Along with Parallax, Tommy’s, Velvet Tango Room and the majority of the restaurants in Little Italy, I’ve found myself picking another locations, saying “we’ll go there next time”. But suddenly Momocho was putting itself in front of me regularly recently: first with the discovery of this Unique Eats feature, then by several others telling me of their dinner reservations for the mod mex joint. The universe was guiding me towards Ohio City and as he was feeling adventurous that night, Dad and I mutually agreed to check it out.

We were seated in the first floor bar area at a six top. Immediately you notice the mod mex influence in the artwork and décor around you:


At the far end of our six top, another party of two were sat. Turns out they had made the drive all the way from Columbus that Sunday JUST to check out Momocho after seeing it on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. That’s dedication to the name of eating well!

As we soaked in the ambiance of the bar area, we started with lime margaritas and perused the menu. Taquitos were in order as Dad and I were willing to share our dishes. It was quite difficult deciding on which to choose, but our server Brooke kindly and patiently answered all of our questions.


I decided to start my meal with the warm green bean + fennel ensalada with limon-feta-cilantro vinagretta, radish and cotija cheese:


This was as big winner in my book. The warmth of the dish made the cotija just gooey enough to make this veggie salad feel naughty. I’m always excited to see fennel incorporated into a dish, and was very pleased to see it in a warm salad option. The neat thing about this is that it could be served cold, taste just as good but give the diner another tasting experience. This is one that I hope to recreate at home!

Part foodie win and part “you go dad” moment, PIP Dad took a leap and ordered the chancho taquitos: adobo braised wild boar which was paired with pomegranate barbacoa sauce and the oaxacan red chile and chocolate mole:


Dad and I both highly enjoyed the boar which had a great flavor. His accompanying sauces were counterbalances to one another: one hot and one sweet. We found ourselves taking alternative bites of boar: one with pomegranate sauce and then one with the chocolate mole. Stab, sauce, eat and repeat. Definitely a solid, hearty choice.

As sucker for the words “fish tacos”, I ordered the pescado taquitos: a cebiche style mahi mahi served with pineapple & jicama guacamole and a tomatillo verde:


When ordering my main, I made sure to get an option that included their world famous guacamole. And now I know why it lives in infamy: that stuff was damn good. I loved the flavor of my mahi mahi and how it paired with the spice of the tomatillo verde. And those peppers and onions underneath made this veggie lover extremely pleased. Between all the food and flavors, both Dad and I had to go home with to-go boxes – also appropriately mod mex themed!


Who knew taquitos could be so filling?!

LONG STORY SHORT: Why did I wait so long to drop into this Ohio City gem?! After all this time of pushing others out of their comfort zones, I’m glad that my dad’s willingness to try a new-to-him spot helped me discover another place that I love in Cleveland. Now I just can’t wait for warmer temperatures as I hear they have one killer patio. Margaritas, guac and chips on a warm summer day? Sign me up for a return visit now!

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  1. Joe Rath says:

    I must have read too fast, did I not see their cucumber margarita referenced?

    Try one of their tequila dinners, well worth the price. Definitely one of my favorite restaurants in Cleveland.

    • Alicia at Poise in Parma says:

      I almost went with the cucumber, but opted for the classic lime. Would have included the pic, but the picture came out lame. Will definitely try the cucumber one next time!!

  2. clevelandpoet says:

    oh man Momocho is worth it just for the awesome lucha libre art work! The Cactus margarita was so tasty! Love getting the Machaca coffee braised beef tacos. MMMMM! So glad the wife is choosing it as her b-day dinner!

  3. Jody Morgan says:

    I am a huge fan of Eric and Momocho. I love guacamole and especially love the coffee after my meal. The staff there is awesome and I think a trip there again is long overdue!

  4. Melissa Meisenbach says:

    I can’t believe you just made it there being the foodie that you are. It has been my favorite resturant in Cleveland for years. Everytime we go it has always been an outstanding experience!!!!

  5. eric says:

    thx again for the nice review / shout out to my girl brooke who took care of you / she’s the best / look forward to meeting your “pops” too / viva momocho


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