you know you’re a yogi when

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Between the pictures on my phone and the little things that come up during the day, there’s no label that describes me better right now than “yogi”. Perhaps it’s the excitement leading up to my yoga teacher training next month, but all I want to do is spend time on my mat. But when I’m off my mat, I’m realizing there are some signs that I’ve fully embraced the yoga lifestyle. Here’s a hint if you think you may have too…

You’re still wearing yoga pants every day. Even though you’ve returned to an office job, those lululemons look great paired up with your black knee high boots and the right dress/sweater.

You take pictures of any inspirational yogic quotes whenever they pop up:

photo (4)

You send out email blasts to your all of your friends telling them about the free yoga classes at your studio: The next one is this Saturday morning at 8:15AM with Bethany at Nishkama!!

You get excited when a run blogger dedicates herself to 40 days of yoga. Case in point: see Kali’s beginning of her journey through Baron Baptiste’s 40 Days to Personal Revolution post.

You notice your yoga teacher brought a very apropos bottle of wine to your yoga all staff meeting. Love the instructions on how to “zinlighten”:

photo (2)

You get really excited when friends have breakthroughs on their mat: check out Maria’s post entitled Has Yoga Ever Made You Cry? and Rachel’s My First Unofficial Non-Beginners Yoga Class post. Both include great stories about how yoga’s taken them further than expected.

And finally: not necessarily a typically “yoga” thing to do, but you find yourself spending time in bed with males that aren’t your husband:

photo (3)

How about you? What little things have you noticed in your everyday life that show you’re a “yogi”, a “runner”, a “blogger”, etc.???

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  1. jobo says:

    I love this! You are so ingrained in all things yoga and it really REALLY suits you. That’s when you know it was meant for you! Tailor made. Let’s see, what makes me a barre n9ne geek? Checking the lulu ‘we made too much’ section every single day. That could apply to yoga and other things as well though 😉

  2. Jen @ Why CLE? says:

    I nodded along with some of these…I’m just a baby yogi, but I really do feel so drawn to it. My mom asked me if I liked yoga just for the fitness benefits and I had to honestly answer no. I like yoga partially for that, but also for the way it makes me feel. I think you know you’re a yogi when you make yogis out of your friends 🙂

    PS – Love the Zen of Zin!

  3. Maria @downwarddog says:

    Wow – thanks for the shout out Alicia! I couldn’t help but smile when I read your post because I feel like you have finally crossed over to the wonderful world of yoginis. I know you always practiced yoga, but now you are fully embracing it and living it both off and on the mat! Have you started to notice that when you stand in a line like at the grocery store that one leg just creeps up into tree pose? That is another sign that you have fully embraced the yoga lifestyle!

    So excited about your upcoming YTT – you will love it! We’ll have to dish about that at the next bloggers meeting! Hugs!

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