Life Lessons from Poise in Parma in West Shore Live Well

HEY CLEVELANDERS! If you are a subscriber of Cleveland Magazine, you definitely want to check out the last page of the Fall 2011 issue of West Shore Live Well:

Who let HER in there?!

Yup, that would be me rockin’ the pages of the seasonal publication that is included with this month’s issue of Cleveland Magazine. I got the heads up that the issue hit mailboxes last week via Sarah from Cooker Girl. At last week’s blogger meet up, she let me know that as she was reading it earlier last week, she was so excited to find a friendly face.


“Founder” – I like the way that sounds!

When I found out in July that I’d be in the publication, I was honored to be selected for the feature. The interview was done over the phone by Sarah Filus and photographer Ken Blaze came to my home one night in August for a fun photo session that ended up with me taking over my side street. I was hoping they’d use one of those shots, but I’m pretty happy with the photo they chose.


I love my family room birch trees. Best Etsy find of 2010.

While their website hasn’t been updated with the Fall issue quite yet, (EDITED: the website is finally showing the Fall issue!!) I thought I’d share my favorite sections of the article with you:


PIP Mom missed my LiveJournal days from college. You can thank her for this website taking up far too much of your time since October 2009.


Who knew an online community would mean so much more to me in real life? I’m thankful for all the wonderful people I’ve met because of this site.


I don’t remember saying the whole “inspire others’ part. I’m sure I was rambling by that point of the interview. And I still can’t believe I can call myself a half-marathoner. I hope to call myself that again some time soon.

And my favorite:


I repeat, “if you aren’t busy it’s because you aren’t looking.” I will live and die in this town by those words.

I will make sure to update this post and let you all know when it goes live on the West Shore Live Well site. (EDITED AGAIN: The Fall issue is live on the West Shore Live Well site!) But until then, just ask me if you’d like to read it – I’ll be found carrying a copy of it around town until at least New Year’s. Many thanks to all the kind folks at Great Lakes Publishing for this wonderful opportunity!!

I’ve said this before and I mean it even more today: to each and every Poise in Parma reader: THANK YOU. Please know all of your kind words, your love and your enthusiasm for this blog inspires me to reach for new goals every single day. YOU make these opportunities possible to me and for that I am eternally thankful.

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