meditation: one minute at a time

Since that epic half marathon of mine earlier this month, I’ve been spending more time out of my running shoes and on my yoga mat. Trying new poses – finally getting into headstand! – as well as focusing on the mental clarity that comes with my practice. Naturally, the practice of mediation always arises with this increase in yogi activities.

Like many, I find meditation to be more difficult than some advanced yoga poses. My brain doesn’t stop – the conversation is always going, never ending. The concept of meditation is the opposite of my status quo. The idea of being able to mediate for more than a minute is incredibly overwhelming.

So imagine my excitement when I discovered this online article from Yoga Journal encouraging meditation in mini time segments – such as just a minute:

Pause for one minute, and focus on your breath, on the way it feels in your body, in your nose. When the thought that it’s fall and you’ll need those bum warmers soon enters your head, gently take your focus back to your breath. Do the same thing with the next 14 thoughts that enter your mind. No resistance at all. Thoughts are simply doing what thoughts do, but my decision for this minute is to return each time to my breath.

I love the emphasis that you can do this practice ANYWHERE: at home, at work, in your car (while not driving!), and so on. As long as you have a quiet, still moment, utilize it for sixty seconds of calm.

You can even practice meditation in a variety of poses: check out Becca’s post today about the variety of seated options you have – I’m a fan of hero’s pose.

The writer of that post notes that “the rest is practice”. I do not know how to relax, to rest, to calm myself. I need help with this. And as I’m all about taking baby steps, this concept of gaining a moment of peace one minute at a time is totally approachable and achievable.

I am committing myself to a minute of meditation every day during the month of October. Let’s call it: “Mission: Stay Sane Cleveland”. If you’d like to join me, together we might find – as the article states – “you may not have found lasting peace, but you have turned yourself in its direction.”

Life Lessons from Poise in Parma in West Shore Live Well

HEY CLEVELANDERS! If you are a subscriber of Cleveland Magazine, you definitely want to check out the last page of the Fall 2011 issue of West Shore Live Well:

Who let HER in there?!

Yup, that would be me rockin’ the pages of the seasonal publication that is included with this month’s issue of Cleveland Magazine. I got the heads up that the issue hit mailboxes last week via Sarah from Cooker Girl. At last week’s blogger meet up, she let me know that as she was reading it earlier last week, she was so excited to find a friendly face.


“Founder” – I like the way that sounds!

When I found out in July that I’d be in the publication, I was honored to be selected for the feature. The interview was done over the phone by Sarah Filus and photographer Ken Blaze came to my home one night in August for a fun photo session that ended up with me taking over my side street. I was hoping they’d use one of those shots, but I’m pretty happy with the photo they chose.


I love my family room birch trees. Best Etsy find of 2010.

While their website hasn’t been updated with the Fall issue quite yet, (EDITED: the website is finally showing the Fall issue!!) I thought I’d share my favorite sections of the article with you:


PIP Mom missed my LiveJournal days from college. You can thank her for this website taking up far too much of your time since October 2009.


Who knew an online community would mean so much more to me in real life? I’m thankful for all the wonderful people I’ve met because of this site.


I don’t remember saying the whole “inspire others’ part. I’m sure I was rambling by that point of the interview. And I still can’t believe I can call myself a half-marathoner. I hope to call myself that again some time soon.

And my favorite:


I repeat, “if you aren’t busy it’s because you aren’t looking.” I will live and die in this town by those words.

I will make sure to update this post and let you all know when it goes live on the West Shore Live Well site. (EDITED AGAIN: The Fall issue is live on the West Shore Live Well site!) But until then, just ask me if you’d like to read it – I’ll be found carrying a copy of it around town until at least New Year’s. Many thanks to all the kind folks at Great Lakes Publishing for this wonderful opportunity!!

I’ve said this before and I mean it even more today: to each and every Poise in Parma reader: THANK YOU. Please know all of your kind words, your love and your enthusiasm for this blog inspires me to reach for new goals every single day. YOU make these opportunities possible to me and for that I am eternally thankful.

ten things this tuesday: this week’s Cleveland events round up

HEY CLEVELANDERS! As I always say, if you are bored in this town, it’s because you are not looking! There’s so much going on in the next seven days that I couldn’t even if it all into today’s round up! But I did want to share all the events that I would love to attend (if there were three of me). And it being Tuesday…


The September Ride of 2 Wheels & Heels Ladies Bike Night

  • WHEN: 7:00pm – 10:00pm on Wednesday, September 28
  • WHERE: Starts at ABC Tavern in Ohio City
  • WHY: Crank-Set Rides organizes a ladies night bike ride on the last Wednesday of every month. This  month includes a bike maintenance lesson at Joy Machines Bike Shop!
  • MORE INFO? Visit the Facebook event page.

Emerging Chefs Present: ‘C4’

  • WHEN: 6:00pm – 9:00pm on Thursday, September 29
  • WHERE: Light Bistro in Ohio City
  • WHY: From the ECs themselves: “The ‘C4’ signature event will showcase four local chefs and will highlight various culinary techniques, full fresh flavors and audacious pairings of food and libations” YUM.
  • TICKET DISCOUNT CODE: Enter “ECC4” to save 30% off the general ticket price!
  • MORE INFO? Visit the Eventbrite event page.

Hunger Network’s Rolling on the River

  • WHEN: 7:30pm – 11:30 pm on Friday, September 30
  • WHERE: Windows on the River on the West Bank of the Flats
  • WHY: Given by the Friends of the Hunger Network to benefit the Hunger Network of Greater Cleveland, this event is a casino themed fundraiser complete with food, gaming, drinks, music and a silent auction
  • TICKET DISCOUNT CODE: Tickets are $65 in advance until September 29th, or $70 at the door the night of the event. But GOOD NEWS! Poise in Parma readers can save $10 by entering the word “Parma” when purchasing their tickets online!
  • MORE INFO? Visit the Hunger Network website.

Nishkama Yoga’s Beginner’s Workshop

  • WHEN: 12:00pm – 2:30pm on Saturday, October 1
  • WHERE: Nishkama Yoga in Independence
  • WHY: For $35, this workshop will introduce you to all you need to know to get your yoga practice going.
  • BONUS: Attend the workshop and you can save 10% off a mat or a 10 class pass!
  • MORE INFO? Visit the studio’s website.

Arthritis Foundation’s Northeastern Ohio Fall Walk

  • WHEN: On Sunday, October 2: Registration starts at 11:30am, Walk begins at 1:00pm
  • WHERE: Lake Metroparks Farmpark in Kirtland
  • WHY: From their site, “The Arthritis Walk is the signature fundraiser for the Arthritis Foundation. It’s not just an event, it’s a celebration of year-round movement to help prevent and treat arthritis.”  And because it’s a great event at a neat site on the East side.
  • MORE INFO? Visit the event page.

Dogs Unlimited Rescue’s 2nd Annual Muttsquerade Ball

  • WHEN: 5:00pm – 9:00pm on Sunday, October 2
  • WHERE: Moxie in Beachwood
  • WHY: The evening will include food, martini and wine bars, silent auction and live entertainment – all to raise funds for this non-profit. From their site: “your attendance and support will help us educate the public and save abused and neglected animals from an uncertain fate.” Plus I’m sure pups will be there!!
  • MORE INFO? Visit the Facebook event page.

Light The Night Walk for the Suicide Prevention Education Alliance

  • WHEN: 6:00pm – 8:30pm on Sunday, October 2
  • WHERE: Cleveland Metroparks Zoo
  • WHY: The mission of Suicide Prevention Education Alliance is to prevent suicide and promote recognition of adolescent depression through education and alliances with community partners.
  • PERSONAL NOTE: I ask you to consider donating to the team walking in memory of Jon Smythe Marshall – a family member of a close friend of mine. You can also join their team and help us bring depression and suicide prevention into the light.
  • MORE INFO? Visit the event web page.

Beachwood Chamber B2B Show

  • WHEN: 2:30pm – 6:30pm on Monday, October 3
  • WHERE: Hilton Cleveland East in Beachwood
  • WHY: According to the chamber, “the Beachwood Chamber B2B Show is the region’s best business show for businesses to make connections with other businesses.”
  • BONUS: Your favorite East side caterer – The Chubby Cook – will be treating the crowds with tasty food!
  • MORE INFO? Visit the event page.

Liver Life Challenge’s Charity Night at Johnny Mango’s

  • WHEN: 11:00am – 11:00pm on Monday, October 3
  • WHERE: Johnny Mango World Cafe & Bar in Ohio City
  • WHY: A group of runners is training and fundraising to benefit the American Liver Foundation as they participating in the Walt Disney World races in January – and I’m super jealous!
  • DON’T FORGET: You need to present the special flyer posted here and 20% of your check will be donated to the team.
  • MORE INFO? Visit the Facebook event page.

Lake Erie Moose Society October Meeting

  • WHEN: 6:30pm – 8:30pm on Monday, October 3
  • WHERE: The Barking Spider Tavern in University Circle
  • WHY: To meet up with even more bloggers and blog supporters in Cleveland. This month’s topic: the pro’s and con’s of anonymous blogging and commenting. Plus they are just cool people!
  • MORE INFO? Visit the Facebook event page.

It’s another busy week in Northeast Ohio! Did I miss anything? What are YOU up to this week?

Full Disclosure: I work for The Chubby Cook, used to work at the Arthritis Foundation, am receiving media passes for the Emerging Chefs & Rolling on the River events, and support all of these organizations and activities with 100 percent of my being. As always, my thoughts, opinions and blogging choices are 100% my own. I’m just trying to spread the CLE love.

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