Pick Me To Be Your Cleveland FitFluential Ambassador!

I had a sneaking suspicion that I would leave Fitbloggin’ 2011 a changed lady. From the seminars, to the fitness experiences, you couldn’t help but be inspired to make a change in your life for the better. For some that might mean a rehaul of the technical aspects of their blogs. For some, trying the new products provided to us. For me, it was a wake up call to revamp my fitness life.

After jumping on a trampoline, learning about kettleballs and power walking around the Baltimore waterfront, my fitness spirit woke from its deep slumber of the cold Cleveland winter. Its vibrancy grew as I met more and more conference attendees living a fabulous fit lifestyle. One of those bloggers was Kelly Olexa – blogger, brand ambassador and Founder/CEO of a new concept called FitFluential.

Above logo and this description from the FitFluential website: FitFluential Inc. connects brands and influencers who share a passion for fitness. We are a network of the best when it comes to fitness bloggers and those who can inspire and guide them. People with a passion. People with a voice.

Kelly and fellow blogger Jennifer Edwards are leading the way and have set up a wonderful site for bloggers to join in on the fun. While the ball is rolling, they need help on the local level and are reaching out for FitFlential Ambassadors.

From their Ambassadors website: [These Ambassadors] help spread the good word about all things fitness-related to the FitFluential network and beyond, and will be invited to co-host FitFluential events in their area.

It is time to “be authentic”– the primary lesson learned at Fitbloggin this year. And for me, it was time to specifically “be authentic” to this blog’s mission: to be a healthy balance blog for Clevelanders. While I feel I’ve done a good job of this so far in 2011, I can be doing a GREAT job – especially on the fitness side of my life. post-Fitbloggin’, I’m ready to do this by giving Cleveland what I feel it needs: a FitFluential Ambassador.

So in our usual Tuesday fashion, I present:


1. I’ve shown that permanent weight loss is possible.


The Before: at 250 pounds. Today: maintaining at 150 pounds.

2. I’ve also shown that just because you can make it down to a size four doesn’t mean it’s the healthiest for your body. At my lowest, I was 127 pounds – but wasn’t able to exercise, had no energy, was obsessed with working out two hours a day – NOT the picture of health!

3. I’ve been featured in national publications and on popular websites:

4. …but prefer to focus my efforts on emphasizing a healthy lifestyle here in Cleveland by showing that achieving a healthy balance is possible while enjoying all our town has to offer:


…in August 2010: at the Cleveland Yoga Appreciation Day & at Vintage Ohio…

volunteering at the 2011 Cleveland Marathon & hiking in the Metroparks with the VP of Fuzz…

…fresh produce at the West Side Market & at the 2011 Silver Spoon Awards (photo c/o Heather)…

5. When away from the Cleve, I find ways to sneak in fitness in fun ways:


…hiking in Vegas and biking in Chicago…

…and even sometimes schedule vacations around my fit lifestyle:

…after the 2011 Walt Disney World Half Marathon in January.

6.  On my blog, I’ve also emphasized the importance of mental health. Last year in this post – Owning It versus Being Owned – I shared my struggle with anxiety and depression with my readers.  I continue my journey through recovery as I find happiness in 2011. I feel it is important to realize that one’s mental health is just as important as their physical health. Both need to be developed and maintained – and lucky for us fit folks, those physical activities help with the mental side of things as well.

7. I surround myself with fit, supportive friends:

Hans, Heather, C, J, Katie and Mr. Healthy Heddleston at the 2010 Great New Year’s Race

8. … while bringing our Cleveland blogging community closer. As the Cleveland chapter President of the Ohio Blogging Association, I’ve coordinated five meet ups thus far this year:

…with two more already scheduled for the upcoming months (and more on the way!):

9. I’ve tried a bit of all forms of fitness along the way and haven’t always succeeded. While I’m pretty darn awesome at yoga and kickboxing, having not-so-successful moments with other forms of exercise haven’t stopped me from giving it my all:

  • I’m not the fastest runner, but I run/walked my way through my first half-marathon – and am planning to do the same this fall!
  • In a Zumba class, I’m OBVIOUSLY the white girl from Parma whose hips don’t MOVE and should be next door in the cardio room on the elliptical.
  • The trampoline session at Fitbloggin’ was a challenge for me – I was uncomfortable in my lack of ability, but I stuck it out and ended up having a ball.
  • and the hubby still bribes me into bench presses with trips to Honey Hut Ice Cream.

10. But at the end of the day, I dream big, set realistic & achievable goals, then fight to reach them. And to be honest, that’s the definition of a Clevelander – one whom never gives up, through thick and thin, to make their town – and life – a better place.

Want to let FitFluential know you want a Cleveland Ambassador – specifically me?

So FitFluential – PICK ME – because Cleveland can use a bit more fitness influences running about town, so why not let them be based out of PIP Headquarters?!

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16 thoughts on “Pick Me To Be Your Cleveland FitFluential Ambassador!

  1. Joe Valenti

    When I saw a link to Alicia’s blog one day on Facebook and clicked over, I could not believe my eyes. I remember late nights of studying in college with friends eating who knows what, and this new person and new lifestyle truly amazed me. Alicia motivated me to lose 30 pounds this past year and is a great example of hope, change, and life for Cleveland!

  2. CLEgal @ Why CLE?

    Alicia would be perfect for FitFluential! She’s such an inspiration with her weight loss and healthy lifestyle. She is constantly positive, upbeat, and so encouraging of others.

  3. Jill Will Run

    I’d vote for you… especially after reading your #2 reason. As someone who has battled an eating disorder I am always bothered by hearing things in the media that basically state that EVERYBODY needs to lose weight and that losing is ALWAYS the answer. Sometimes, it’s just really NOT the best thing for someone. Thanks for re-iterating that! Good luck!

  4. jobo

    LOVE this! My sis mentioned it and I think you and she would be fantastic!! I wish my blog was more fitness related so I could do it too! But you are seriously SO inspirational, and your story is just amazing!!

  5. Amanda @ Clue Into Cleveland

    Alicia — You would be an AMAZING fitfluential. In the short time I’ve known you through blogging, you’ve motivated me to find new ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle while still having fun. Additionally, you’re always a helpful resource for fitness information. And if you may not know the answer to my question, I know you always know the right direction to point me in! I hope you get this so that you can help other people in the same way.

  6. Mom

    Alicia would be a great for fitfluential!!!!! She is the word! I know she has done her fitness, work, and love of life to be the best person she could be! Pick alicia and be proud!

  7. Sam @ Mom At The Barre

    I found your blog through a tweet Jess (from Eat Drink Breathe Sweat)sent and I just want to tell you what an amazing and inspiring story you have. I hope you do get to be Cleveland’s Fitfluential ambassador-you really deserve it!

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