ten things this tuesday: volunteering at the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon

It’s time to announce our Taste of Seven Hills winner! I had to spend some time organizing the comments – someone was trying to stuff the ballot box! I appropriately and orderly attributed entries based on the comments in an Excel document…


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CONGRATS Tésa from 2 Wired 2 Tired! All that tweeting paid off! Please email me at poiseinparma (at) gmail (dot) com to redeem your prize!


HEY RUNNERS! Can you believe that the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon race weekend is less than two weeks away? All those hours of training are going to pay off big time very soon! But how am I preparing for Sunday, May 15th? By studying my volunteer instructions!

As I mentioned in my official announcement, I’ll be serving as a volunteer on race morning (instead of running as originally planned). And I understand the race management could still use some help all weekend long! Why don’t you join me by signing up to be a volunteer for the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon?

More Volunteer Info from the Cleveland Marathon website: If you think you or your group can handle a little more excitement than just cheering – then VOLUNTEER!  It takes thousands of volunteers to make the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon, Half Marathon and 10K run smoothly. There are opportunities to man water stations, help with food at the finish line, staff the Health & Fitness Expo on Friday and Saturday, work with the Kids Race, clean up litter, organize the post-race concert and much more.

The full listing of ALL the volunteer opportunities is available here, but I decided to give you some of the most highly needed spots to be filled in our usual Tuesday fashion. So I present:


(Please note: all text in italics is taken from the volunteer registration website.)

1. Solution Desk Volunteer: You can help at the race expo on Friday the 13th and or Saturday the 14th by taking time to answer questions pertaining to registration and event switching and to assist with processing corrections to participant information.

2. Bib Distribution: Here’s another pre-race volunteer opportunity: We need friendly faces to hand out participant bibs. This may be the participant’s first interaction with marathon staff/volunteers, so put on a smile and make them feel welcome!

3. 5K Volunteer: Did you know there’s a 5K on Saturday the 14th? They need help with all aspects of that race – from start to finish!

4. Gear Check: Are you organized with a flair for details? Gear check volunteers will collect bags from each participant (usually containing clothes) at the start of the race. Once all the bags are collected, they are moved to the back of the finish line and arranged to make the process simple to hand back to participants.

5. ASK ME TEAM: This position includes answering questions and directing participants in the start/finish line areas. Volunteers will be positioned throughout the start and finish line areas with a Q&A notebook.

6. Course Marshall: This group of volunteers is crucial to the athletes while on the course. Course Marshals will be pre-assigned to a specific course location where they will direct athletes to stay on course while providing cheering and encouragement.

7. Water Stop Volunteer: A very important job: Water stops consist of 25-75 people handing out fluids to participants as they go by. Responsible for filling cups, picking up discarded cups and cleaning up area after all participants have passed. Encourage and support participants as they pass.

8. Finish Line Marshall: If you can be assertive and friendly at the same time, this position is for you. Volunteers will assist in controlling athlete flow as well as exit points at finish line area.

9. Food/Fluid Distribution: There’s still work to be done after you cross the finish line: Volunteers will distribute and monitor water, other beverages and food items to participants. Encourage finishers as they move through the recovery area. Also, be prepared to get messy!

10. Medal Distribution: Join me and my blend Katie: The finish line is an exciting place to be! Volunteers are responsible for handing out medals to all finishers of the marathon and half marathon, making sure participants receive their proper medals.

Here’s your chance to be apart of a marathon! This year, volunteering; next year, perhaps running! Click on over to the site today and join me at the race!

Disclosure: I was asked to be an official Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon blogger.  In agreeing to blog about my experience, I was offered access to their VIP reception & a race entry (which I gave away to a lucky PIP reader). As always, my thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. Heather says:

    Gosh, I wish I could be there! But we have Team Challenge training in the morning and it will be our longest run before the Virginia Half.
    Take lots of pics!

  2. clevelandpoet says:

    was just talking to the wifebot last night about how we enjoyed helping at one of the marathons a couple years ago. Hmmmm will have to check out the info and talk to her hopefully we can wor something out

  3. Tired Mom Tésa says:

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway. I’m excited to have won! I emailed you.

    Also, all of those race volunteer options sound very interesting. I’ve never volunteered at an event like that but now I’m intrigued and will look into it.

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