ten things this tuesday: TEDxCLE 2011

On Friday the 15th, I attended TEDxCLE 2011 at the Capitol Theatre in the Gordon Square Arts District. Allison from Green Dog Wine and I were the winners of Alexa’s ticket giveaway for the event – and boy did we all luck out to be in the room that day.


I could wax poetically about the energy & the inspiration in the room. But instead, I want to share the quotes I jotted down in my TEDxCLE notebook throughout the day. They all stand on their own, but all listed together, help to emphasize those “Ideas Worth Spreading” – the mission of the TED organization.

…and since it IS Tuesday, you know what’s about to happen here…


1. from Jonathon Sawyer speaking on sustainability: “Start simple. Start small.”

2. from Ari Maron speaking on a world-class Cleveland: “What are you passionate about? What’s something that you won’t give up on?”

3. from Paul Hill, Jr. on ritual: “When there is a void, people seek to feed it.”

4. from Dr. David Franklin: “…the phrase: to friend – how the word has changed from a noun to a verb…”

5. from Valerie Mayen on building Cleveland through the arts: “Down with the awkward silence.”

6. from Dr. David Franklin on museums: “Museums hold the authentic… there is still a need for the prestige of the past.”

7. from Jeff Siegler speaking on historic preservation: “Fix the economy by fixing the sense of place.”

8. from Ted Howard on co-ops & community: “…leverage the large assets we have…”

9. from Valerie Mayen on building Cleveland through the arts: “honest and shared living: a way of life that is not employed as much as you think it is.”

10. from Thomas Starinsky on historic preservation: “The story is never over – it evolves.”

Didn’t get to attend TEDxCLE? You can enjoy the same video presentation as we did by checking out this YouTube video of TED presenter Deb Roy in “The Birth of a Word”. It’s worth the 20 minutes – I promise!

Disclosure: I won a ticket to the TEDxCLE 2011 event in a blog giveaway (thank you again Alexa). My thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. These are my best attempts at quoting these individuals from their presentations.

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  1. Hallie says:

    Thanks so much for the post! We are editing the videos of all speakers’ talks from Friday as I type. These will be available soon so, those who weren’t able to make it Friday can experience your quotes (and the rest of the speeches!) that way. We were glad that you were able to make it on Friday – a belated congrats on winning the tickets!

  2. Suzanne says:

    I kind of wish this post was more along the lines of you waxing poetic about how the TED event made you feel (the excitment? the Cleveland pride? the optimism you felt afterwards? your favorite speaker and why? did you sense a theme? etc.) than just a list of quotes. Maybe a little more you and a little less facty facts.

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