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I’ve previously proclaimed my love for In spreading the gospel of cheap gift certificates, a good friend and I have started an informal “Tour de” by taking advantage of the unique deals along I-480. I think all those recent fish fry posts got me craving some fish myself – but prepared as I want to eat it. I let my great friend Danielle lure me into a sushi joint I had never heard of: Mizu Sushi in Parma.


From their website: Mizu Japanese Cuisine blends traditional Culinary art with the modern concept of fine dining in an elegant contemporary atmosphere. The excellence of our service makes our diners feel the most satisfaction and enjoyment in dining… Experience our distinctive menu featuring more than 80 sensational dishes ranging from traditional Japanese favorites and innovative specialties to classic Thai foods from across Asia, using only the freshest, most natural ingredients.

We decided on a Wednesday evening – which I should note also featured Mizu’s day long happy hour specials of $3 rolls from their “regular” menu. I arrived uber early, so I enjoyed some green tea while checking out their long list of offerings. I was won over when I saw #22 on the menu:


Since we had a mega gift certificate to use, we got our order on. We started with an order of edamame:


Our server brought them out, then offered to salt them. Simply steamed and properly salted, this was a nice bit to nibble on before our other selections.

Next up was Mizu’s seaweed salad:


This was my first time trying seaweed salad and I had no idea what to expect. I really enjoy the light vinaigrette and sesame on the greens, which included some chunks of cucumber. As we casually chatted, I suddenly realized my starter was gone! I must have enjoyed it! My only dislike? The large amount of seaweed pieces that were stuck in between my teeth.

As a gluten-free note: before ordering, I asked my server if this was a gluten free dish. She went back to the kitchen to enquire. She came back stating that she looked at the packaging and that their didn’t appear to be any gluten/wheat ingredients – such as soy sauce – in whatever part of this that came in a box. However, every recipe I’ve looked up includes soy sauce – which answers why I wasn’t feeling so hot late last night. Moving on…

Soon our order of sashmi arrived: an order of tuna, an order of salmon and two orders of whitefish:


This was my first experience with sashmi so I looked to Danielle for some advice when ordering. We played it safe with the tuna and salmon, but our favorite was the whitefish. Light and clean, but sweet in flavor, we though about ordering more. Definitely a new favorite sushi restaurant selection.

To round out the meal, we ordered two rolls: a Naruto Maki with tuna, salmon, crab, avocado, tobiko inside wrapped in cucumber instead seaweed:


While we did our best to keep the gluten away – ordering the roll without the imitation crab – the dish was presented dressed with soy sauce. By this point, I was exhausted from being “that girl”, so I let my friend enjoy this roll. She mentioned how clean the bite was in comparison to a normal roll. She was happy to take half of it home.

Our second roll was a Dynamite Roll with fresh tuna, crab, avocado wrapped inside with mango on top, mango sauce and special sauce:


Again, we asked them to hold the crab and we didn’t miss it – we were busy enjoying that combo of a simple maki roll with a fabulous, out of the box topping. The mango sort of became the dessert of our meal, as mine kept falling off my roll. I’m awesome with chopsticks. As usual, I would have preferred a bit less sauce. That said, both sauces added a zing to the roll. This isn’t your usual sushi offering, but it made for a fun option for the meal.

LONG STORY SHORT: Located between a convenience store and a Subway in a small shopping plaza across the street from Sam’s Club, I would have never walked into Mizu Sushi without a recommendation from my friend. Even with some difficulties due to my intolerance, I really enjoyed our experience. Mizu Sushi are sticking to the roots of Japanese cuisine while having some creative fun with their menu offerings and presentation. I would gladly return again and rock another gift certificate any day.

Mizu Sushi on Urbanspoon

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  1. Tracy says:

    I didn’t know about this one! You know Parma has changed when you can find decent (or even any) Japanese food here. I liked the place in the strip at Parmatown. So did my sister and her (non adventurous) family, which is impressive. My little nephew loved the green tea ice cream, even though he told the waitress it takes like soap. I had Japanese at Asian Garden on Pleasant Valley and Broadview that I liked too. Go Parma!

    • Alicia from Poise in Parma says:

      I’ve been to the place at Parmatown: Hans had the same reaction to the green team ice cream as your little nephew did! We like the array of food there, but didn’t think we got our money’s worth of the all-you-can-eat buffet.

      I haven’t tried Asian Garden yet. I have been to Thai Cuisine before and enjoyed it, but haven’t ordered sushi there. Perhaps another visit is meant to be on the schedule!

      Go Parma indeed!

  2. Sara says:

    Hi Alicia-

    Love your blog and glad to read your review! I was a little nervous about a Parma sushi place but Mizu is right around the corner from my house so I’m excited to try it out now! Would love to have a convenient place to get my sushi fix.

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