Parma Fish Fry Guide: St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Cathedral

When looking for fish fry suggestions to go with the ones found on the’s 2011 Northeast Ohio Fish Fry Guide, I stumbled upon the WTAM 1100 Fish Fry Guide. Another search of the word “Parma” lead me to recommend Hans’ next stop on his fish fry challenge: St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Cathedral.

As Broadview Road has plenty of churches to keep us going, we chose St. Sava partly because it was so close to the previous two fish fry locations he tried. Located at the corner of Broadview and Ridgewood Roads, the church is hard to miss – it is a cathedral, after all:


Check out St. Sava’s fish fry menu on the WTAM site:


(image c/o I’m wondering if those dates are correct…)

Hans stopped by St. Sava for take out around 5:30PM on Friday, March 25th. For $7.50, he got the standard meal with no add-ons:


Under those fries was a large piece of fried fish:


A close up on the meal:


A photo for size comparison of the fish to the carry out box:


Here’s what he thought on his dinner from St. Sava:

The piece of fish: In comparison to the previous two weeks, he was happy to see such a large piece of fish. Unfortunately, the fish had a very strong “fishy” taste – no good in this household. He was pretty sure it was cod, which is unfortunately not his fish of choice. Overall, he liked the taste of St. Columbkille’s the best so far.

The french fries: These were definitely better than the ones served at St. Columbkille: I base conclusion on the fact that Hans ate all of these from St. Sava. He kept saying “they are crinkle cut”, but wouldn’t say if that was a good or bad thing. Hans’ potato side of choice is still the potato pancakes from Pokrova.

The bread: The bread looked to be homemade, which earned bonus points compared to those options from previous weeks. He took a bite and said “I think it’s potato bread”. He was it was “good” but again didn’t want to fill up on “empty calories”. This from the guy who tried to break the record at Mongolian BBQ for most bowls eaten in one trip…

The slaw: Hans – the consummate cabbage hater – left this side for me. Vinegar based instead of mayo based, I appreciated this option of coleslaw. It would have been a nice compliment to the rest of the meal. The slaw was good, but nothing to flip out about.

The soup: This soup was a thick veggie soup – almost chowder like – with an emphasis on potato and peas for thickener. Another nice veggie option to the meal, the soup was good with the addition of some salt and pepper.

Additional notes: Hans was impressed by the speediness of the kitchen staff at St. Sava, as well as their portion size for the price. He was moderately hungry, but didn’t have to order additional sides to fill his belly.


LONG STORY SHORT: Overall, St. Sava did an admirable job this Friday evening. Hans appreciated a lot about this meal, but ultimately was bummed that the potential star of the fish fry – that fried cod – was such a let down. Unfortunately, speedy service & good portions don’t ensure an out-of-this-world meal.

Admitting that he hasn’t been blown away yet, Hans and I are still on the search for the best fish fry south of I-480! Next week, blogger friend Tom from Exploring Food My Way will be headed up our way as we join fish fry forces. What will happen when Akron and Parma combine? Looks like you have SOMETHING TO LOOK FORWARD TO!

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  1. Tracy says:

    What a fun mission! I’ve been curious about these places for years. Growing up, my family always went to the Gray Wolf (RIP – sniff!) Lately we go between Union House and Assumption Church in Broadview Heights. I like that Assumption have musicians wandering the hall playing the accordion and other instruments. One accordion player took my seven year old nephew’s hand and helped him play the keyboard side, which Nathan loved. I was a little disappointed in their fish this year though. I need to try St. Charles, which is my dad’s parish.

  2. Alicia says:

    Love this portion of your blog! From your (and Hans’) recommendation, my boyfriend and I tried out St. Columbkille last Friday. LOVE it! Thank you!

  3. marilyn says:

    We love the fish fry at St Frances DeSalles–ALL you can eat and you get fish, fries, cabbage & noodles, cole slaw, mac & Cheese and pierogis and roll and drink–It is $10.00 ($8.oo for seniors) and it is very GOOD!!!

  4. Tracy says:

    Ok, my Parma mom, sister and niece and nephew joined me at St. Sava’s last night, so let me add our experience here. LOVED this place!

    Excellent, fresh fish. I agree that it was probably cod. Lightly breaded, which was perfect, as too much breading misses the point of good fish. We didn’t find that it tasted fishy in a bad way at all. We all finished our large portions of fish.

    Slaw was good, and I like vinegar and pepper instead of mayo (especially if watching my diet), though I agree it wasn’t anything amazing. Best vinegar based slaws I’ve had have been the ones that go on top of Salvadorean pupusas. (Will be checking out a Cleveland pupuseria soon to see if it matches my old DC neighborhood places. Tons o’ Salvadoreans in DC.)

    My nephew (age 7) liked the shrimp, which was a pleasant surprise. He said the breading was ok but liked the shrimp better without it. He and his sister (age 5) liked the bean soup and the huge portion of homemade bread. There was so much bread and soup that we got to-go containers for it.

    The fries were good, but still just your basic crinkle fries.

    And then there was the strudel. We shared two slices — one apple and one cherry. Clearly homemade. WOW! Thin, crispy layers of dough with sweet, wonderful filling. We loved both, but the apple had just the right amount of spice to it. Beats the heck out of the brownies and sheet cakes at some of the other churches.

    I missed having pierogis, but other than that, I’m now a big fan of this place. Table service instead of a buffet line was nice too. And since I showed up too soon after ice cream at Sweet Moses (yes, fun day!) I was able to get a kid’s portion (volunteer’s suggestion) which was only $4.

    • Alicia at Poise in Parma says:

      You are fabulous for this great recap of your meal this week! Hans did not come home with strudel, but I’m sure it’s as amazing as you are describing it to be. Great to hear you had a good experience at a place we have visited this year. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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